‘Marlowe’ trailer teases Liam Neeson’s 100th film as the must-see noir thriller of the year


What a career Liam Neeson has had; from Schindler’s List to Star Wars to Batman Begins to his flagship role as Bryan Mills in the Taken franchise, Neeson has surely booked his ticket to the cinematic history books; a fitting accomplishment, considering he kicked off his film career in 1978 playing none other than Jesus Christ himself.

Now, Neeson is gearing up to grace us with the 100th film of his career in the form of Marlowe, based on the works starring Raymond Chandler’s influential crime fiction character Philip Marlowe. It’s no doubt a role that’s more than worthy of marking the occasion, and the film’s new trailer has us all the more excited for this very special turn.

Neeson, of course, stars as the eponymous private detective Philip Marlowe, who accepts payment in return for keeping tabs on the wealthy elite of 1950s-era Los Angeles. He quickly finds himself roped in to a search for the missing ex-lover of wealthy heiress Clare Cavendish, but, as all dealings with shady rich people do, the situations escalates quite severely, and Philip will have to put his stony front, mean right hook, and detective’s eye to good use in the absence of trustworthy players.

Starring alongside Neeson are Diane Kruger, Jessica Lange, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Alan Cumming, and Colm Meaney. The film is helmed by Academy Award-winning director Neil Jordan (The Crying Game) with a script from fellow Academy Award winner William Monahan (The Departed).

Indeed, the legendary hardboiled gumshoe Philip Marlowe is an inch-perfect role for Liam Neeson’s awe-inspiring milestone, and we can all celebrate with him when Marlowe releases to theaters on Feb. 15.