The Internet’s Freaking Out Over Mars Attacks! Cameo In Walmart Super Bowl Ad

Mars Attack

There were many standout ads from last night’s Super Bowl. Amongst the trailers for the likes of Black Widow, No Time to Die and MulanWalmart debuted a geek-pleasing commercial that brought together various cinematic icons, as everyone from The LEGO Movie‘s Wildstyle to Men in Black‘s Frank the Pug to Star Wars‘ Threepio and Artoo joined in on the fun. And, amongst all these worldwide famous characters, there were the aliens from Mars Attacks! 

The 1996 sci-fi comedy movie from Tim Burton was not one of the filmmaker’s biggest hits, falling far short of the success achieved by that same year’s non-parodic alien invasion flick Independence Day. However, it’s earned itself a cult following over time, particularly for its titular Martian attackers, who are known for their weird “ACK! ACK!” language.

So, it meant a lot to fans of the film that the Martians were featured in Walmart’s ad, rubbing shoulders with the greats. And you can see just a sampling of what folks are saying online below:

Don’t disrespect the Martians.

Well, if they weren’t famous enough before, they are now.

Mars Attack

Seeing these vicious alien invaders return to Earth gives us hope for the future.

Fun fact: the Martian’s distinctive speech was achieved by recording ducks quacking and playing it backwards.

It’s the crossover you never knew you wanted.

Mars Attacks

*Insert GIF of Michael Scott saying “Thank You!”*

Which, uh, kind of isn’t that many things.

Let’s all agree to give Mars Attacks! another watch, amirite?

Of course, apart from the aliens, the other big draw of Mars Attacks! is its star-studded cast. As it’s essentially a disaster movie, half the fun is in watching your favorite actors get killed off in gruesome ways. There’s Jack Nicholson in a dual role, Pierce Brosnan, Sarah Jessica Parker, Glenn Close, Annette Bening, Michael J. Fox, Tom Jones, a young Jack Black and even a pre-Star Wars Natalie Portman, alongside many others.

If you’re a fan of Mars Attacks! though, this Super Bowl ad no doubt brought a smile to your face and I think we can all agree that it was nice getting to see the cult classic receive some love.