Female Lead For The Morbius Movie Seemingly Revealed


Though they should probably wait to see how the Venom movie performs at the box office before proceeding with any other spinoffs spotlighting Spider-Man villains, Sony seems to have no qualms when it comes to going whole hog in this regard. Normally, I file this stuff under “I’ll believe it when I see it” (remember when we were supposed to get a Sinister Six flick and possibly one about a young Aunt May?), but the Morbius film really appears to be taking shape in short order, thus I feel it stands a very good chance of seeing the light of day.

Of course, our biggest hint to this production gaining traction was the studio landing Jared Leto in the titular role, which despite assurances that he’ll still play the Joker in mainline DC movies, my gut tells me he’s moved on entirely.

The latest bit of news actually corroborates earlier reports saying that Martine Bancroft is set to be the female lead, which That Hashtag Show claims is a sure thing. If so, her inclusion makes a ton of sense given how she was Morbius’ fiancee in the comics, and how he later made her into a vampire.


Right now, no actresses are being named when it comes to who’ll take on the role, but it’s probably safe to say that fan art depicting various stars as Martine will hit the web before long. Whether or not any actual casting swiftly follows such renditions is another thing, for that depends on how far along director Daniel Espinosa is with his work.

Although I think that Morbius could function well as a standalone vampire picture, I admit that I’m approaching it with some trepidation because, much like my esteemed colleague Sergio Pereira, it’s clear as day to me that Sony has no idea of what to do with characters they’ve been given license. I could be wrong, sure, but if they dropped the ball with Spidey himself on more than one occasion, then that doesn’t instill much confidence with these cash grabs.