Why A Kraven The Hunter Movie Proves Sony Has No Idea What It’s Doing


Last week’s news that Sony is reportedly moving ahead with a Kraven the Hunter film caught everyone off guard. Collider broke the story and in their report, said the studio has its eye on screenwriter Richard Wenk (The Equalizer 2) to pen the script.

It’s a bit of a bizarre move, really, even if The Hollywood Reporter did say in 2017 that Kraven would likely see his own film in the near future. And though there are no doubt folks who are excited about the project, we have to stop and question its existence.

I mean, it isn’t like character’s experienced a major resurgence in Marvel Comics, or there’s been a demand for a standalone film for the man known as Sergei Kravinoff. He’s seen mostly as a Spidey villain – and not even as one of the main rogues like Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin or Carnage.

So, why did Sony greenlight such a peculiar movie? The answer might not be too kind to the studio, so please do bear with us as we unpack the news.