Marvel Artist Sheds Some Light On That Comic Book In The Logan Trailer


One of the coolest moments in the final trailer for Logan came when Wolverine could be seen leafing through one of X-23’s X-Men comic books. It was here that we finally got to see the hero wearing a version of his classic yellow and blue costume, and while he was quick to dismiss the stories as fiction, fans are now wondering about the chances of seeing the costume in live-action.

Time will tell if that happens, but some details have now surfaced about who was responsible for creating the comics seen in the trailer. It turns out that Fox was unable to use an actual X-Men comic book due to rights issues, so Hugh Jackman asked artist Joe Quesada (who was responsible for some artwork commissioned by President Obama not too long ago) to come up with a totally original one.

He was joined by inker Dan Panosian, and in a new interview, he shed some light on the role he played in creating the comics for Logan.

“I drew the covers. All in all, I created about 10 or 12 original covers. I was asked to create an original logo and cover dressings too. Illustrating the corner boxes was a treat too. It was one of the best art assignments I’ve ever had. I also inked/colored/lettered that interior page that was penciled by Joe Quesada. I hadn’t inked him in over 25 years and to say his work has become more detailed and awesome is an understatement. Sadly, I had to tone the inks down a bit so the finished page would look like it was created in the 80’s. I tried to channel some Al Williamson here and there. But yes, Joe penciled a cover and 4 interior pages that I can’t divulge much more on. I don’t want to spoil the film.”

It’s pretty interesting to hear how much work went into coming up with these, and it definitely sounds like they’ll feature a big reveal of some sort. Could that have something to do with where the X-Men are? The signs are pointing mutants being all but extinct by the time Logan kicks off, so there’s definitely a story which needs to be told there.

Whether or not it will remains to be seen, but it’s obvious that Jackman’s last outing as Wolvie is quickly shaping up to be one of the most unique comic book movies we’ve seen in some time.