Marvel Buys Up Guardians Of The Galaxy Trademarks, Is A Film Coming?

On May 16, 2014 Marvel Studios will release a new movie, but it’s anyone’s guess as to which hero or property it will introduce to the big screen. Everyone’s looking for a sign, and Bleeding Cool has found one. Looks like Marvel has been snatching up trademarks for Guardians of the Galaxy from electronics and games to food, drinks, paper goods, jewelry, cosmetics, furniture and more.

So will Guardians of the Galaxy be that film? Maybe. Marvel has a handful of projects in the early stages of development (scripts being written) and a couple of them have also showed signs of nearing the production stages lately.

In fact, Bleeding Cool already reported earlier today on one of them, Edgar Wright‘s Ant-Man, which Marvel President Kevin Feige has already said is as close as it’s ever been. Folks have apparently been going into London’s three main comic book shops and buying up all kinds of Ant-Man comics, suggesting that the English director has begun to assemble a London-based crew of some sort because people apparently, never buy Ant-Man comics.

Then there’s The Black Panther, which some outlets have heard as recently as the beginning of this month will be Marvel’s next standalone superhero. Only Dr. Strange has yet to get his own “could be next” rumor.

So each property has a 25 percent shot, unless you discredit Dr. Strange due to lack of rumors and buzz. Trademarks are always indicative that something is coming, but TV, comics and games also frequently generate lots of trademark and domain name acquisitions.

Feige has said Guardians of the Galaxy will be based on the 2008 team, who had a 25-issue run from 2008-2010 and just reappeared reunited in Avengers Assemble #4. The team dynamic did well for The Avengers movie to say the least, so that’s one big thing Guardians has going for it as it vies to be Marvel’s next big-screen property.