Marvel May Pair Up Nova And Spider-Man In The MCU


We’re still waiting for Nova to enter the MCU, but it’s seeming likely that the hero will finally appear in the franchise in the coming years. Captain Marvel 2 has risen up as the prime candidate for where Richard Rider could make his big screen debut and while there’ve been various conflicting reports about how Marvel may tackle him, the latest word points to the character potentially striking up a friendship with Spider-Man down the line.

This news comes from scoopster Mikey Sutton (via Superhero Buzz) and it’s said that Nova will debut in CM2 and, yes, it will be the Richard Rider version, not one of the other folks to take on the mantle in the comics or a gender-flipped take, as has been claimed in a previous rumor. Nova will be a big player in the future of the franchise, too, so the studio is looking for a young actor to play him. Specifically, someone around the age of Tom Holland – who’s currently 23-years-old – so that Rider and Peter Parker can strike up a bond in some subsequent movie.

Of course, it would certainly be sensible to cast Rider younger, considering that he was a high school student when he first became Nova in the comics. Likewise, Spidey doesn’t have as notable a friendship with him as he has with, say, Human Torch in the comics, but the wall-crawler and Nova have teamed up a bunch over the years, so there’s something to extrapolate a strong dynamic from there.

Remember, it’s been claimed in the past that an actor from Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk is Marvel’s top pick to play Nova. The two names that folks mostly assume it could be are either Harry Styles or Fionn Whitehead, both of whom – at 26 and 22, respectively – are around Holland’s age and could work well with him on screen.

Tell us, though, who would you like to see play Nova in Captain Marvel 2 and beyond? And which actor do you think would have a good rapport with Tom Holland? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

Source: Mikey Sutton