Marvel Drops 12 New HD Photos From Avengers: Infinity War


Avengers: Infinity War is finally here. The event movie of the year has begun opening worldwide and, to celebrate the arrival of the biggest Marvel film to date, the studio have released 12 HD stills from various parts of the flick. Don’t worry, though, Kevin Feige and co. know what they’re doing and have only chosen moments we’ve already seen in the trailers, so there’s no chance of spoilers.

That being said, let’s see if we can try and pull together the plot from these photos. The Hulk begins the movie on the ruined Asgardian refugee ship, which is where he’ll first encounter Thanos. After the Mad Titan’s attack, Thor will end up with the Guardians of the Galaxy (as seen in the image).

Meanwhile, on Earth, Scarlet Witch protects Vision from the Black Order, who want the Mind Stone in his noggin. Elsewhere, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff and Sam Wilson, the Secret Avengers, will end up in Wakanda, where even T’Challa’s rival M’Baku is willing to help defend his country and Earth from the alien threat. Spider-Man will also become involved in the fight, too, joining a team with Doctor Strange and Nebula that travels to outer space.

Of course, these stills just scratch the surface of the film. For instance, Iron Man doesn’t feature at all and he’s expected to be one of the leaders of the assembled Avengers and Guardians. Another prominent hero not captured in this gallery is the Winter Soldier (or the White Wolf, as he goes by now), who’ll reunite with his best pal Cap in Black Panther’s homeland. The big bad Thanos himself isn’t here either, and we’ve been told that Infinity War will practically be his film. So again, there’s still a ton we haven’t seen from the movie.

The end of everything the MCU has been building up to for the past ten years is finally here, folks, as Avengers: Infinity War hits US theaters on April 27th.

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