Marvel May Be Eyeing A Walking Dead Star To Play Norman Osborn

Green Goblin

It seems to be the worst kept secret about Spider-Man: Far From Home that it’ll tease the coming of Oscorp in the MCU. We’re pretty sure that a TV spot has spilled the beans that Avengers Tower has been taken over by the sinister company, and where Oscorp is, its nefarious founder Norman Osborn is close behind. Though he’s not said to appear in the sequel, Marvel still has big plans for the Goblin, and a new leak might just reveal who’s going to play him.

Reddit user TheMarvelScoopMaster has been sharing a lot of intriguing info on the site of late, and this includes who he’s heard could be the top pick for Osborn. Apparently, it’s David Morrisey, best known as the Governor on The Walking Dead. When asked who he thinks will play the iconic antagonist, the scooper wrote: “David Morrisey is the most likely from what I’m aware of.”

This info actually squares with what we’ve heard from another source. Insider Roger Wardell, who’s proven accurate in the past, recently shared that Marvel is keen to cast Morrisey and is looking at him for multiple movies. We took this to mean they were auditioning him for different characters, but Wardell might have been hinting that the studio has found one character for him who’ll stretch across many films. Someone just like Norman Osborn.

TheMarvelScoopMaster has previously told us that Phase Four of the MCU will have two big bads, instead of a single one like Thanos. While the cosmic threat will apparently be Michael Korvac, the ground-level threat will be Osborn, with it likely that an adaptation of the Dark Reign comic book arc is coming to the screen.

Morrisey isn’t an actor you’ll see on many fan-cast lists for Osborn, but he’s a tremendous performer who’s already made his mark on geek culture as a great villain, so it’s easy to see why Marvel thinks he’d be the perfect fit for the role. Hopefully we’ll get some casting news soon, but before that arrives, you can expect to see Oscorp show up when Spider-Man: Far From Home swings into theaters on July 2nd.