Marvel Fan Puts Together Awesome Animated Avengers 4 Trailer


You know we’ve been waiting a long time for that all-important first Avengers 4 teaser when not only are forums flooded with various “leaked” trailer descriptions, but fans are even finding the time to make animated adaptations of these descriptions.

Such is the case with this new video from YouTuber Spectrum Cinema, who’s delivered almost three minutes of action-packed footage based on one of the many reports that’s been making the rounds. And while you wouldn’t mistake it for the real thing, it’s still a fun piece that plays on a few popular predictions, including time travel and Iron Man’s journey into the Quantum Realm.

The trailer ends in much the same way that the real trailer is expected to, with the long-awaited title reveal. As is practically the norm these days, this creator has opted for the rumored title of Avengers: Annihilation, which remains a firm favorite in a competitive field of candidates. But until Marvel Studios finally lets us know what we’ll be calling this movie, everyone from the fans to the cast members are seemingly in the dark, with both Karen Gillan and Don Cheadle both recently admitting that they don’t know the name of the film they just shot.

As for when the actual trailer might be arriving, one recent rumor suggests it could come in November, and while that report remains unconfirmed, it’s at least a pretty good guess, seeing how it would put the marketing for next year’s release more or less in sync with that of Avengers: Infinity War. Either way, you can expect the fake leaks, the fan art, and the speculation to continue right up until Avengers 4 hits theaters on May 3rd, 2019.

Source: YouTube