Marvel Fans Calling For Captain Marvel/War Machine Romance In MCU


A recent Twitter exchange between War Machine actor Don Cheadle and Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larson, has got fans calling for a romance to materialize between the two heroes in the MCU.

It all began when Cheadle tweeted a photo of himself and Larson a few days ago, with the two of them seen in almost identical poses. In the caption, he questioned his Avengers: Endgame co-star, asking her:

“@brielarson why you be copying …?”

Shortly after that, Larson came back with her reply, saying:

“That’s easy – I wanna be more like you!”

It was a brief and seemingly innocent exchange, but it’s now really lit a fire under the fandom, with tons of people taking to Twitter demanding to see Carol Danvers and James Rhodes as a couple in the movies. In fact, below you can find just a small sample of what folks are saying on social media:


So, could this ever happen? We think not. After all, it’s long been suspected that Carol will eventually come out as gay, with sources close to WGTC telling us on several occasions that this seems to be the plan and where the character is headed. It’ll likely be revealed in Captain Marvel 2, as well. Unless the studio decides to drastically change course, then, it seems these fans will be left disappointed.

But tell us, what do you think of a potential romance between Carol Danvers and James Rhodes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Is it something you’d be into seeing? Or are you happy that Marvel is planning to have Brie Larson’s heroine become one of the franchise’s LGBT characters? As always, you can sound off down below with your thoughts.