This Marvel Fan’s Fully Functioning Iron Man Suit Just Won Halloween

Iron Man

Halloween is just around the corner and while many of us end up going with the same basic costumes we always use, there are always the dedicated fans among us who take things to the next level. And one of them’s now making his case for costume of the year with his extremely realistic Iron Man suit.

A recent post on Reddit shows off the astounding detail that’s gone into this man’s cosplay at a convention. Unfortunately, we don’t know the guy’s name, but we do know that he’s blowing us away with his Tony Stark impersonation. Panels on the back of his suit have LEDs and motors to open and close the flaps, while the gloves on his armor have backlit circles for the repulsor rays. You can see it for yourself via the video found at the link below.

Arguably the most impressive part of the costume is the fact that the helmet can open and close seamlessly on command. Once the transformation is complete, the eyes light up to signal that Iron Man’s ready for action. It’s pretty fair to say that this was definitely the best cosplay at the convention.

It’s rare to find positivity on the Internet (just ask Brie Larson), but the vast majority of comments on the post are overwhelmingly flattering. Practically everyone’s awestruck by the extremely sophisticated design and really, the only thing that could’ve made it more amazing is if the suit could actually fly.

It should also be noted that this costume must’ve taken an extremely long time to construct, which could explain why the model of the armor is from a couple of movies ago. Now that Tony Stark’s switched suits, it’ll be interesting to see if this technological genius comes back with an updated and somehow even more dazzling suit next year.

In the meantime, there’s still a few days left before Halloween and diehard fans are going to have to work really hard if they want to make a costume better than this one. Whether or not anyone can construct something that tops this guys’s Iron Man suit remains to be seen, but if the MCU has taught us anything at all, it’s that anything’s possible.