Marvel Fans Think They’ve Spotted Morbius In Spider-Man: Homecoming


The first trailer for Morbius blew fans’ minds as it confirmed for the first time that Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters is one and the same as the MCU, with this revelation coming about thanks to a cameo from Michael Keaton as Vulture. But just as Vulture will turn up in Morbius, did Michael Morbius actually show up in Keaton’s MCU debut, Spider-Man: Homecoming? That’s what fans are now wondering.

You’ll no doubt be familiar with Homecoming‘s post-credits scene, in which Michael Mando’s Scorpion confronts Adrian Toomes in prison and demands to know the identity of Spider-Man. Well, in the background of one shot behind Mac Gargan, an inmate walks past with long dark hair and a beard. We can’t see their face clearly, but given the newfound connection between Morbius and the MCU, many fans think this could be the Living Vampire himself.

See for yourself below:

Obviously, this isn’t Jared Leto and a Morbius cameo was not what the filmmakers were intending at the time. However, remember the fan theory about the kid in the Iron Man mask in Iron Man 2 being a young Peter Parker? Well, that’s effectively canon now, so these fan-made crossovers are always worth considering.

In this case, though, I’m not sure if it really works. Firstly, the trailer establishes that Michael Morbius was a good-natured doctor prior to his vampiric infection, so why would he be in prison? And if you’re thinking that maybe Morbius is a Homecoming prequel, then remember Vulture is wearing the same prison overalls here as in his Sony-verse cameo, proving that it takes place afterwards. Likewise, that infamous Spidey poster confirms the pic is set after Spider-Man: Far From Home. 

So, maybe this isn’t Morbius in this shot, but we could still have the likes of Vulture, the vampire and Scorpion legitimately coming face to face on the big screen quite soon. After all, Sony is reportedly building up to the formation of the Sinister Six, with Keaton’s role in Morbius no doubt paving the way for it.