Marvel fans are still debating the fate of Chris Evans’ Captain America in the MCU

Chris Evans Captain America Endgame
Image via Marvel Studios

Disney and Marvel Studios have turned the page on the Avengers as we knew them through Endgame, forging ahead with Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson becoming the group’s standard-bearer as the new Captain America. Critics and audiences alike have largely embraced the change, however, some fans continue to debate on what exactly became of the original Cap, Steve Rogers (as portrayed in the MCU by Chris Evans).

Specifically, the fandom is mixed on whether or not Rogers is still alive after his time travelling escapades in Endgame. The movie’s third act saw him return to the current timeline as an old man, who subsequently passed his iconic shield onto Wilson. Since then, though, Evans’ Cap/Rogers hasn’t returned to the fray.

The debate over whether or not Rogers is still alive has picked up major steam on Reddit, and rightfully so. In The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Wilson, Bucky Barners (Sebastian Stan) and others reference Rogers being gone, but nobody ever talks about him actually being dead.

Nevertheless, some see the character’s death as being implied.

Others aren’t so sure, however.

Among the “Steve’s Alive” crowd, theories vary on where exactly Rogers has been hanging out since his Endgame swan song. Some fans are pushing a theory that he is no longer on the planet Earth and, instead, is up in the space station with Nick Fury and the Skrulls or on the moon.

Veteran streamers were quick to note that the latter locale could open the doors for a crossover with the Umbrella Academy universe (in fanfic, anyway)…

Whether or not Rogers is still alive — perhaps he’ll show up in Captain America 4 — MCU fans can rest easy knowing that the Captain America mantle still rests on Mackie/Wilson’s capable shoulders.