Steve Rogers Trends As Captain America 4 Tease Ignites Controversy

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We got our first real nugget of information regarding Anthony Mackie’s first feature film outing as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s new Captain America the other day, when producer Nate Moore teased an underdog story that would even paint Sam Wilson with shades of Rocky Balboa.

It’s an interesting approach to a character that’s already saved the world several times over as part of the Avengers, but The Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s sociopolitical subtext and resonant themes were always guaranteed to factor into Mackie’s first time flying solo on the big screen as the franchise’s resident star-spangled superhero.

However, some fans took issue with the notion of Sam having to spend his first standalone movie fighting from underneath when Steve Rogers had things come pretty easy to him by comparison during his own ascension as Captain America, which ignited a heated debate on social media.

It’s perfectly in keeping with the MCU fanbase to make mountains out of molehills and read much too deep between the lines, especially when we’re talking about a solitary soundbite from a veteran Marvel Studios producer. Captain America 4 is a long way away, so the minor furor will have long since blown over by the time the finished product actually arrives in theaters.

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  1. JillRileysays:

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  2. wmbsays:

    What’s funny is that in Captain America the first Avenger, Steve had to earn the respect of others too! If anything it may be telling a similar story from a different perspective. IMHO, the real question will be the type, or who the actual villian will be! Most of the good interesting villains in the Cap and Falcon rogues, have already been used.

    1. Dudesays:

      At 100% on board with the character development for Sam. What made Steve larger than Life was his feats of strength. Any ordinary person would be put through the ringer dealing with a super soldier! Sure kick his butt throughout the movie but in the end give this guy a superhero boost

    2. D-Townsays:

      He already earned in . Multiple times. How much more earning does he have to do exactly?

  3. Brickthronesays:

    Twitter comments? Twitter is for children that need an immediate response of how great they are. Its platform does not show a real perspective of how the fans actually think.

  4. Jendaddysays:

    Steve Rogers was already a hero even before the super-serum. Remember him jumping on the grenade in training? Yes, Steve Rogers was made “Captain America” by the government. But they made him a dancing monkey. He made Captain America into a superhero. Now Sam Wilson, a war hero himself, with NO SUPERPOWERS needs to take the mantle. I see no problem with him needing to “earn it,” especially after John Walker defiled the Captain America name. He doesn’t need to “earn” the shield or the name, Steve gave him those. He needs to earn the mantle. Wasn’t that one of the messages of Black Panther? Killmonger won the suit & title but not the mantle, therefore the royal family opposed him.

    1. Jahamensays:

      Agree 100%%
      These guys need a testosterone booster – so emotional over a movie. It’s almost as if they won’t be happy until all super heroes are non-white – the FSTER the better!!

      1. Bad Bradsays:

        Now this movie will be a woke disaster about race! The man has no super powers that’s why we watch superhero movies in my opinion they should have left him as falcon. But the woke crowd needed a black captain America the same way they are changing superman to be black! This turned fans off just wait and see.

    2. Nicknamesays:

      this actually is such a cool way to see it. Walker basically trashed the Captain America legend and name. sam has earned the title, but after what Walker did, he’s going to have to prove that he won’t do make the same mistakes.

  5. JSteinbecksays:

    Oh-My-God! How dense are you people. You just have to WOKE-IT-UP don’t you? All the guy was saying was there is going to be a lot of action and adventure in the new movie and the new Cap will find himself placed in lots of danger and will come to the rescue in multiple spectacular ways….sooo, calm the f#*k down, and read the 1619 Project, if you want something to get mad about. Getting mad about this just shows how much you thirst for excitement in your lonely, worthless lives!

  6. Jaysays:

    TFAWS was Sam accepting that he was Captain America, or proving to himself that he could be. It seems like Captain America 4 is going to be Sam proving to the world that he deserves the title. And seeing as though many or Marvel’s movies have also been commentary on the world we live in today, it’s not going to be pretty

  7. McGentysays:

    Steve didn’t have to earn it?

    Dude tortured himself trying to get through boot camp with a long list of health problems, then THREW HIMSELF ON A GRENADE, volunteered for a dangerous and extremely painful experimental procedure, got dumped into a song and dance routine, then went alone behind enemy lines for what very well could have been a suicidal rescue mission before anybody even thought about taking him seriously. He lost his best friend and sacrificed himself to save everyone else, all before his first movie was up.

    But it’s racist to expect Sam to struggle instead of having instant success? Screw that.

    There’s already no explanation for Sam’s superhuman strength and reflexes. Let’s start with answering that question.

  8. Nicolassays:

    What they all seem to be missing is as a black American he has to earn respect every day. Society will not give him his due and he will always have to re-earn his title. It is not fair. But it is the real world seeping in to our favorite fantasy.

    1. Jimsays:

      I think you’re confused about how as a black American he is given opportunities and special treatment because of his victim hierarchy status.

  9. Juliosays:

    I think the reason they’re making him earn it, is because he has to earn our hearts. He’s hardly had any focus on him in the marvel movies. I haven’t seen one kid dressed as the Falcon for Halloween. No one talks about him. He’s been an eh character. To have him earn the same amount of love that Steve Rogers compelled from the audience is necessary.

  10. HipHop4Lyfsays:

    *Decorated Veteran
    *Ran a Group for wounded Veterans
    *Helped Steve Rodgers adjust in modern world
    *Participated In the events In Civil War(Sarcovia)
    *Participated In events of Captain America & Winter Soldier
    *End Game
    *Infinity War
    *Falcon & Winter Soldier
    …….earn what!!!!

    1. Shamwoohoosays:

      I don’t think it has anything to do with his personal achievements. We as the audience knows he deserves to be cap. I think they mean that in the story the other characters will challenge his right to be cap and he’ll prove it to the other characters who don’t know the whole story we’ve seen with each movie.

  11. Citizen Kanesays:

    The sad part is none of you know nothing apparently about the captain America mythos. Your all just about acting foolish and making this about race. Let me give ya a clue not everything is racial except in your little minds so wait and see what happens.

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