Steve Rogers Trends As Captain America 4 Tease Ignites Controversy

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We got our first real nugget of information regarding Anthony Mackie’s first feature film outing as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s new Captain America the other day, when producer Nate Moore teased an underdog story that would even paint Sam Wilson with shades of Rocky Balboa.

It’s an interesting approach to a character that’s already saved the world several times over as part of the Avengers, but The Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s sociopolitical subtext and resonant themes were always guaranteed to factor into Mackie’s first time flying solo on the big screen as the franchise’s resident star-spangled superhero.

However, some fans took issue with the notion of Sam having to spend his first standalone movie fighting from underneath when Steve Rogers had things come pretty easy to him by comparison during his own ascension as Captain America, which ignited a heated debate on social media.

It’s perfectly in keeping with the MCU fanbase to make mountains out of molehills and read much too deep between the lines, especially when we’re talking about a solitary soundbite from a veteran Marvel Studios producer. Captain America 4 is a long way away, so the minor furor will have long since blown over by the time the finished product actually arrives in theaters.