Marvel Wants X-23 In MCU Sooner Rather Than Later, Has Big Plans For Her

X-23 Logan

Marvel fans haven’t stopped theorizing about who could play Wolverine in the MCU since Marvel got the rights back from Fox, but maybe they haven’t given enough thought to the possibilities of X-23 in the franchise. Laura Kinney, Logan’s cloned daughter, has been a hugely important figure in the comic book world over the past few years, so it only makes sense that the studio will do a lot with the character as well.

At least, that’s what We Got This Covered is hearing. According to our sources – the same ones who told us Robert Pattinson was locked in as Batman, and that an Aladdin sequel was in development, both of which were later confirmed – Marvel has plans to bring X-23 into the MCU once they get around to rebooting the X-Men. Don’t get us wrong, they’ve also got big ideas for Wolverine, too, but we’re told that they want Laura in the franchise sooner rather than later. And as per the source material, the eventual idea is for her to take over from her father as Wolverine.

This makes perfect sense, too, considering how Marvel Studios seems to be drawing a lot of inspiration from recent comic book storylines that feature other heroes taking on iconic aliases. See also: Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel, Sam Wilson’s Captain America and very soon, Jane Foster’s Thor, too. Plus, Dafne Keen’s turn as X-23 in Logan was praised by fans, proving that there’s a real appetite for the character out there. In fact, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get Keen back for the MCU.

As for her pops, we’re hearing that the current thinking is giving Wolverine his own Disney Plus series. Whether or not this is where he’ll be introduced isn’t clear, but it’s also believed that he won’t be as much of a lead of the rebooted X-Men as Hugh Jackman’s version was for Fox. Speaking of which, it looks like Marvel is still leaving the door open for the star to return as well. Whether that’ll happen or not, we won’t know for a while yet, but we’ll certainly be keeping our fingers crossed.