Marvel Reportedly Wants Fox’s X-Men In Deadpool 3


One of the bigger question marks following Disney’s purchase of 20th Century Fox was the fate of Deadpool 3. After all, the MCU exists in a PG-13 world and initially, there didn’t seem to be a place for the Merc with a Mouth. But the Mouse House isn’t one to turn down huge profits and the franchise has so far earned nearly $1.6 billion worldwide, so rest assured, a threequel is definitely on the way. In fact, Ryan Reynolds even confirmed as much last month.

While we don’t know too much about what to expect from it just yet, one of the best storytelling assets of the superhero is his ability to not only break the fourth wall, but reference actors portraying characters and the studio that owns them. In the original Deadpool, he famously acknowledges that there are only two X-Men characters in the movie because Fox didn’t want to pay for any more. Deadpool 2 then upped the ante by having a very fast throwaway shot of numerous X-Men hiding in a room before Beast quickly shuts the door.

Now that the Merc’s in the MCU, Disney and Marvel are reportedly looking to continue this tradition of cameos by having several members of Fox’s X-Men once again appear in Deadpool 3 and have Wade Wilson make fun of them for not being a part of the MCU. At least, that’s according to sources close to WGTC, who say it would be a quick one-and-done appearance and is something that the studio is hoping to be able to pull off should scheduling and all that work out. And given that these are the same sources who told us the film was in active development months before Reynolds confirmed it, and that National Treasure 3 was in the works last year, we’ve no reason to doubt them.

While it sounds like this is more just something that Marvel’s hoping to include in the film at this stage, we’d love to see it work out. After all, the meta humor in the first two movies is what makes the franchise work so well. Reynolds has already revitalized his career playing the character as well and now that he gets to work within the MCU sandbox, there’s no telling where they can go in terms of in-jokes.

And we really need one last sendoff for Fox’s X-Men before Marvel recasts them, too. Maybe Deadpool can make fun of Jennifer Lawrence for phoning in her last two performances as Mystique? Or comment on Michael Fassbender making Assassin’s Creed. I mean, this stuff basically writes itself at this point.