Marvel Reportedly Planning To Adapt 3 Fan Favorite Comic Book Arcs

Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for turning to the vast comic book canon for inspiration, without directly adapting the stories for the big screen. Fans of many franchises tend to complain when adaptations aren’t faithful enough to the source material, but given the goodwill earned by Kevin Feige and his team over the last dozen years, the MCU always seems to get the benefit of the doubt.

None of the studio’s movies have been word for word or page for page translations, which gives the filmmakers the opportunity to put their own stamp on the narrative, with a few familiar plot beats and Easter Eggs thrown in for both longtime comic book readers and eagle-eyed viewers alike.

We still don’t know what the next major crossover event is going to be, despite vast swathes of speculation throwing up numerous contenders, but insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that three fan favorite arcs could soon be getting the big screen treatment. According to him, Civil War II, Avengers Forever and World War Hulk have all been discussed as possibilities behind the scenes.

The live-action version of Civil War II would no doubt match its predecessor and take only the title and basic setup, given that the comic book version involves Inhumans, Terrigen Mist, Thanos, Iron Man and the X-Men, while World War Hulk might indicate that Marvel has sorted out the rights issues regarding Bruce Banner and giving him his own solo movies, which we’ve heard could be the case.

Avengers Forever, meanwhile, has the sort of cosmic angle that the franchise has been leaning into recently, but if any of these projects are in the works, we likely won’t hear anything about them for a while yet given the MCU‘s already packed schedule for the next few years at least.