Marvel Reportedly Planning To Introduce A Female Ghost Rider In The MCU

Ghost Rider

Most casual fans wouldn’t have been too bothered if Marvel Studios never got around to rebooting Ghost Rider, but that all changed when Keanu Reeves found himself being heavily linked to the title role. As one of the world’s most popular and beloved actors, one that both fans and Kevin Feige have wanted to see join the Marvel Cinematic Universe for years, you could cast the John Wick star as just about anyone and it would generate a positive reaction.

Of course, Johnny Blaze has already starred in two movies with Nicolas Cage as the vengeful antihero, but they weren’t exactly classics and failed to capitalize on the potential that comes with having someone of Cage’s reputation play a superhero who sells their soul to the devil and is cursed to become an inter-dimensional bounty hunter with their skull on fire.

The rights first reverted back to Marvel in 2013, but only recently have they shown much interest in rebooting Ghost Rider. And while the studio has still yet to make an official announcement about their plans, we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones who told us an Extraction sequel is in the works at Netflix and that Jane Foster will have her cancer storyline in Thor: Love and Tunder – that the MCU may also end up with a female Spirit of Vengeance.

According to our intel, the studio are keeping all of their options open when it comes to Ghost Rider and would like to introduce another iteration of the antihero aside from just Johnny Blaze. It’s unclear who, exactly, this female version could be, but fans will know that Alejandra Jones, the fourth incarnation of the character, debuted in a 2011 comic book run. She’s not exactly a household name, but if Marvel are looking to give the flame-headed motorcycle enthusiast a female-driven spin, then the source material is already there to draw inspiration from.