Marvel’s Reportedly Reached Out To Hugh Jackman About Wolverine Return

The Wolverine-Hugh-Jackman

At this stage, Hugh Jackman is going to be continually linked with reprising his career-defining role as Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe until someone else is cast as the mutton-chopped mutant. Despite reiterating on numerous occasions that he was done with the claws, speculation has persisted that Kevin Feige might be able to tempt him to return for one last outing.

Of course, Jackman’s retirement has always been tinged with a hint of regret on the part of both him and the fans, after he admitted that he would have definitely played Wolverine in the MCU and gladly faced off with the franchise’s established roster of heroes if only Disney’s takeover of Fox had happened a couple of years earlier. As it stands, though, the 52 year-old got to bow out in pretty spectacular fashion anyway, with Logan widely regarded as one of the finest comic book movies ever made.

However, a recent screenshot posted online by insider Daniel Richtman makes it look as though Marvel have reached out to the Prisoners star with an offer, although no further details are available. That being said, Jackman has been heavily linked with a fan-pleasing cameo in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness so that an appearance in the MCU can be checked off the wish list, and you can see the image in question below.

The veracity of the screenshot has yet to be determined, but it would hardly be a surprise to find out that Marvel Studios were trying to tie Jackman down for a cameo, especially with the Doctor Strange sequel set to start shooting imminently. However, fans probably shouldn’t get their hopes up too much about Wolverine debuting in the MCU as soon as March 2022, as it still seems like a long shot at this point.