Marvel Reportedly Rebooting The Punisher But Keeping Jon Bernthal


Now that the rights to the Netflix series are (mostly) back with Marvel Studios, fans are busy speculating about how Daredevil will be reintroduced into the MCU. But let’s not forget the rest of the Defenders who deserve to get another shot in the franchise. Case in point: Jon Bernthal as the Punisher.

After three other actors played the part in various movies, Bernthal was the first to truly nail the character and it’s hard to imagine anyone else portraying him now. Marvel appears to feel the same way, as a new report points to the studio planning to keep Bernthal on as Frank Castle. However, they’ll be effectively rebooting the antihero nonetheless.

Giant Freakin Robot has heard from their sources that a “new Punisher project [is] in the works with the same actor from Netflix.” What’s more, the outlet confirmed that this will somewhat break away from the continuity established in the Netflix shows and start a clean slate.

Of course, this soft reboot option has been discussed before as possibly the best way to bring back Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock. After all, as much as fans love the Netflix series, Marvel Studios is going to want to put its own stamp on these characters and not just continue what Marvel Television did. Especially as Netflix is now a rival platform.

Speaking of which, GFR doesn’t say where this Punisher reboot could land but notes that a Disney Plus release seems unlikely, given Castle’s gun-toting nature. It’s worth pointing out, though, that Disney is pioneering Star – an extra level of D+ which delivers mature content for a higher monthly charge – in Europe and other territories soon, so something like that may premiere in the US in time. If not, Hulu seems like a good bet.

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