Marvel Reportedly Wants To Make Sure Ryan Reynolds Is Fully Available To Them

Ryan Reynolds

Joining the MCU tends to be a major commitment for an actor, as instead of working on one film every few years like any other franchise, Marvel stars are asked to appear all over the place, in their own solo pics, in team-up gigs and for various cameos and crossovers. That’s especially true of the big hitters of the cinematic universe, which Deadpool is sure to be now that he’s about to hop over from Fox. But how much will we see Ryan Reynolds in the MCU, given his extremely busy career outside of the superhero genre?

That’s a question that’s apparently troubling Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige a lot right now. According to a new rumor shared by tipster Daniel Richtman, Feige is “worried” that Reynolds’ continually hectic workload will mean that he won’t be able to show up as much in the MCU as the producer would like. He’s said to want the Canadian star “to be fully available” to appear whenever he’s required and though the tipster stops there, this reported clash of interests does gel with what Feige himself has previously stated.

The studio president has discussed how Deadpool 3 is being held up due to Reynolds’ many other commitments, meaning it won’t shoot until next year at the earliest. This does hint at the two parties having difficulties syncing up their schedules, which may be causing some issues behind the scenes. It’s also hard to imagine how this situation could be resolved in a way that Feige’s happy with, as it seems unlikely that Reynolds would cut back on the lucrative non-Marvel side of his career.

Still, the star has always made clear that he remains attached to the character of Deadpool and loves playing him, so maybe he and the studio can come to an agreement. After all, Marvel has made it work before with numerous other high profile actors.

In the meantime, Ryan Reynolds has three movies coming out this year – The Hitman’s Wife’s BodyguardRed Notice and Free Guy.