Marvel And Robert Downey Jr. Have Reportedly Made A Deal For An MCU Return


Tony Stark might’ve sacrificed his life to destroy Thanos in Avengers: Endgame, but this is the Marvel universe we’re talking about, so there are still ways for Iron Man to return in the future of the MCU. We’ve already heard a few reports on the ongoing saga of the studio’s attempts to coax Robert Downey Jr. back for another go-around as the Armored Avenger for the past few months, and we’ve now got hold of a positive update on the situation.

As we previously told you, Downey Jr. was asking for a hefty payday to return as Iron Man. However, the total failure of Dolittle, his first post-Marvel movie that he had a lot of creative control over, has shifted his position somewhat and made him willing to renegotiate his terms. And according to our sources – the same ones who told us the Guardians will cameo in Thor: Love and Thunder and Jim Carrey is returning as the Mask in Space Jam 2, both of which have since been confirmed – the two sides have now come to an agreement and while nothing’s been officially signed and sealed just yet, a deal is currently in place for RDJ to return to the MCU.

From what we understand, Downey Jr. has lowered his price to a more reasonable figure recently, something that Marvel is more comfortable with. And right now, it’s looking pretty likely that the actor will return in the Ironheart TV show, which is reported to be in early development. Pepper Potts is believed to be appearing in the series, too, as per Downey Jr.’s wish to only return if Gwyneth Paltrow does as well.

Ironheart would follow Riri Williams, an African-American teen prodigy who creates her own Iron Man armor. In the comics, she has an A.I. of Tony to help her out, effectively serving as her own version of JARVIS/FRIDAY. This has led to speculation that Downey Jr. could lend his voice to the production, though it remains to be seen how exactly he’ll factor into things.

Remember, Robert Downey Jr. is all but confirmed to be showing up for a cameo in Black Widow already, when that eventually arrives. But, if things continue to go well between him and Marvel, that might not be the last time he drops by the MCU.