Marvel May Have Major Plans For Doctor Doom Separate From Fantastic Four

doom doctor

Doctor Doom is one of the most iconic supervillains in the Marvel comics universe, but though he’s been adapted three times for the big screen in the past two decades, we’ve yet to see him done justice in the movies. Hopes are high, then, that Marvel Studios will get him right now they have the character back from Fox. The question is, though: how are they going to handle him?

MCU Cosmic has suggested one way he could be introduced into the franchise. According to their sources, Marvel is considering various methods of bringing him into the MCU. One option is that Victor Von Doom could get his own Disney Plus TV series that would set up the character without featuring the Fantastic Four, who we know are getting their own movie reboot at some point in the future.

This also fits with what We Got This Covered has heard from our sources. We’ve likewise been told that Marvel is planing to launch Doom separate from the Four, possibly even serving as the next big bad of the MCU now that the Sony/Disney split has scuppered chances of Norman Osborn appearing.

It also makes sense that the studio apparently isn’t moving forward with Noah Hawley’s Doom movie that was being developed at Fox, as the director himself – familiar to Marvel fans as the showrunner of FX’s Legion – has played down the chances of it happening.

Whichever method Kevin Feige and his team go with, you can bet that they fully intend to use Doom in a way befitting his status in the Marvel pantheon. As for who could play him, we’ve heard that a range of actors are being considered, from Hugh Jackman to Christoph Waltz. While we wait to see what they’ll do though, let us know how you want Doctor Doom utilized in the MCU in the comments section below.