Marvel Share New Poster For Eternals Ahead Of Release

eternals nov 5 release

Marvel’s latest addition to phase four of the MCU, Eternals has begun its global rollout and ahead of its official release date of Nov. 5, Marvel has revealed yet another poster to promote the film.

The poster today doesn’t focus on an individual character within the movie like previous promo art has, instead it captures the deity-like figures of these new characters along with a stellar cityscape.

Crafted by digital artist Chris Christodoulou, the work does a great job of capturing the scope of these new characters alongside the city of Babylon which features prominently in the film.

If you’ve yet to see the film you should check your local cinemas’ schedule to find out when it becomes available in your location. For fans internationally in Australia and some other regions the film launched earlier this week, but for most viewers screenings begin this Friday, Nov. 5.

Right now the film has received lukewarm reviews from critics boasting the MCU’s lowest Rotten Tomatoes score in history at just 53 percent. Despite this, fan reactions to early screenings of the film were mostly positive.

Once the movie sees a wider launch we’ll likely have a better idea of the opinion surrounding this latest addition into the MCU and how it stacks up against its peers.

If you’re not familiar with the characters in this upcoming film there is plenty of content out there from Marvel over the past week to get you up to speed including this clip that explains the conflict between the Eternals and the Deviants.