New Fan-Made Marvel Studios Intro Features The Classic X-Men Theme


Now that Disney and Fox have become one, the X-Men are finally back home where they belong and will be rubbing shoulders with the likes of Iron Man and Captain America as part of the MCU in no time. To celebrate, fans are getting creative with artwork, posters and mock-trailers that imagine what it will be like when the two universes collide on the big screen, and that continues today.

The latest fan-made work you need to check out is this imagined Marvel Studios intro that blends the X-Men into the familiar opening sequence we’ve seen at the beginning of all of the franchise’s movies since 2016’s Captain America: Civil War.

Instead of adding in clips from Fox’s films with the MCU footage, the video takes the approach of featuring an awesome orchestral cover of the beloved theme from the 1990’s X-Men animated series in place of the traditional MCU musical cue. As a nice final touch, the end of the intro wraps up with the doors of Cerebro closing, as is the common way for X-Men movies to open ever since the franchise kicked off in 2000.

While this is a clever piece of work, is it even possible for the classic animated X-Men theme to make a return if – or, more likely, when – mutantkind join the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Sadly, it’s never featured in any entry in the series so far, but the MCU has always been more in touch with the legacy of its characters than the X-Men franchise has. Most recently, for example, Spider-Man: Homecoming began with Michael Giacchino’s take on the iconic 1960s Spidey theme.

We haven’t heard too many official comments from the studio on the Marvel/X-Men merger, but the most significant thing we’ve got came from Disney CEO Bob Iger, who plainly said that his company were planning to expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe to include X-Men, the Fantastic Four and Deadpool. As for outlying projects such as The New Mutants, Legion and James Franco’s Multiple Man, though, their futures unfortunately might be in doubt.