Marvel Might Cast Person Of Color For The MCU’s Beast


While we won’t see the X-Men in the MCU for a few years yet, it’s certain that there are teams of creatives working hard behind-the-scenes on the project. Right now, details are scarce and most likely nothing has been finalized, but one thing we’ve consistently heard from various reports is that Marvel Studios are eager for their new X-Men to feature a very diverse cast.

More specifically, sources close to WGTC – the same ones who said Ace Ventura 3 is in development and that [SPOILERS] dies in The Rise of Skywalker, both of which have now been confirmed – tell us that in addition to seeking African-American actors to play Professor X and Magneto, they might be casting a person of color for Hank McCoy/Beast as well. In particular, they’re looking at John Boyega or John Boyega-type actors.

Of course, casting persons of color as the two major opposing mutant forces in the X-Universe makes sense as they’re patterned after Martin Luthor King and Malcolm X. Plus, John Boyega certainly has the chops to pull off a decent Hank McCoy, though like Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult before him, he may end up sick of spending so much time having blue make-up applied.

If any superhero franchise should have more diverse casting though, it absolutely should be the X-Men. They were created during the civil rights movement as a persecuted minority within the Marvel Universe, and subsequent writers have leaned hard into this parallel with great success. Updating these themes for the contemporary political climate will be a tricky job for any scribe though, let alone one that also has to make the film an exciting superhero blockbuster.

In any case, with the first X-Universe element set to arrive in the MCU in WandaVision, expect to see more and more hints being dropped about mutants in the years to come. Right now, we have no idea how they’re going to explain an influx of super-powered characters to the franchise, but if they’re focused on ambitious casting like this, the eventual X-Men movie should be quite the event and will no doubt cause no small amount of fan controversy.