Marvel Heroes That Need Their Own Games

Marvel's Wolverine
Image via Insomniac Games/Sony

Marvel has taken cinema by storm with their range of superheroes appearing, but what about the gamers, shouldn’t they be just as well treated when it comes to the Marvelverse? So far we have Wolverine, Spider-Man, Avengers, Midnight Suns, and Miles Morales; but what about other heroes that haven’t yet appeared in the MCU or have fallen by the wayside thanks to poor story-telling.

Well, we have you covered, here are our top five picks on games that Marvel should invest in next.



Perhaps the most asked after character, and the one who has had a failed attempt in film and a sadly canceled attempt in television, so maybe now Matt Murdock should get his chance at the consol. Imagine a game in where you can toggle from the third person and first-person view, using his Echolocative sense, his acrobatic skills, and of course the utilization of his specially designed billy club.

The game itself could follow various missions in which players get to meet fellow Defenders like Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Punisher, and bring on some street-level fighting.

Missions would help you power up your skills and weapons that are specialized for Daredevil, all before taking on great enemies like Kingpin, Typhoid Mary, and of course the ninja order known as the Hand.



While it wasn’t the best-received film of the MCU, it could stand a chance at becoming an amazing game for all consoles. The game itself could focus on either a certain Eternal or give the player the choice to control all of them at specific times as they move through the 7000 years they were on earth

As we learned from the film there were many years that the Eternals lived through, which means that a game could choose any of these eras to set the Eternals in. Creating missions that are specific to that region and that time period, all while fighting deviants that find their way to earth. Their missions would help them to power up whilst traveling through time to help the civilizations progress. If done correctly it could become a series with each game focusing on a different time period.

Iron Fist

Unlike the failed show, Iron First could take full advantage of Danny Rand’s powers and title as ‘The Living Weapon’, creating an incredible origin story, and as most current games are based around the use of weapons, the addition of a strictly martial arts RPG game could be a hit.

Plus a game could add in all the mystical elements the TV show couldn’t do, like when Rand defeats Shou-Lao, the mythical dragon of K’Un-Lun, and the origin of the Iron Fist power, by punching his molten heart. Any further games could then crossover with Matt Murdock’s character and perhaps make way for Shang-Chi to appear in games in the future and potentially have the two fight off.


x-men the last stand

Now hear me out, think Hogwarts Legacy but for the X-Men, you get to either create your own character and go to Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters. Upgrading your skills as you go through classes, and learn more about the power that you have chosen.

During the game, you could work your way up through mini-challenges all to become an X-Men before joining the group and tackling a big boss, like Apocalypse or even the Dark Phoenix.


Imagine a Hitman-styled game but at the center we have our favorite blue mutant, Mystique, using her ability to shapeshift and take on chosen enemies, like Iron First, the game could also take on elements of martial arts and hand to hand combat. Mystique could also serve as an extension of the X-Men games and have a crossover in scenes and characters. 

Regardless Marvel has a list of games coming soon, including the much anticipated Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Wolverine, Square Enix’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and character add ons for Square Enix’s The Avengers.