Marvel Fans Are Divided Over New Guardians Of The Galaxy Game

Guardians of the Galaxy

Eidos-Montréal’s Guardians of the Galaxy stole the show at Square Enix’s E3 showcase over the weekend.

Fans first heard whispers of the project’s existence earlier this year thanks to various teasers from industry insiders and now, lo and behold, yet another ambitious adaptation of Marvel’s extensive back catalog is very real and what’s more, it’s out in just a few months. While there’s still plenty of information to come, the developer confirmed via a surprisingly long gameplay trailer that Peter Quill (AKA Star-Lord) will be the sole playable hero, with cohorts such as Drax, Groot and Gamora serving as AI-controlled teammates during combat.

Flashy, colorful and wittily-written just like its live-action counterpart, what we’ve been shown so far certainly looks promising and fans generally seem to agree, with particular praise heaped on several character designs. Mantis and Rocket especially have become all the rage on Twitter, and you can check out some early reactions for yourself below.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Some folks, on the other hand, have taken issue with the title for a number of reasons, chiefly the revelation that only Star-Lord will be directly pilotable. While clearly a source of disappointment, it remains to be seen just how much involvement the additional team members will have in the finished product.

Lastly, others were dismayed that a Marvel tie-in, not Square Enix’s own Final Fantasy XVI, served as the primary focus this year. The latter, first announced during Sony’s PlayStation 5 showcase last summer, has gone dark ever since, naturally causing concern among followers of the flagship IP.

Not a universally welcome outcome, then, but obviously a winner for anyone with even a passing interest in the world of superheroes. Let us know what you made of Guardians of the Galaxy‘s initial trailer, though, in the usual place below!