25 Major Marvel Heroes/Villains Not Yet In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Throughout fourteen films and five TV shows and counting, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has done a great job of translating decades’ worth of comic book characters to the big and small screens. Everyone from heavy-hitters like Iron Man and Thor to relatively obscure heroes like the Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange have now had the spotlight thanks to this all-encompassing shared universe. Still, there remains many great heroes and villains from Marvel’s long history to pick off the shelf.

Thankfully, the next few years will see several new faces. In the movies, two big female heroes  – namely Captain Marvel (the Carol Danvers version) and Evangeline Lilly’s the Wasp – are confirmed to be making appearances. Marvel’s TV output, on the other hand, is about to explode – Iron Fist, Runaways, Cloak and Dagger, Damage ControlInhumans and possibly New Warriors are all on the upcoming slate. And those are just the ones we know about.

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With all these new shows and movies coming down the pipeline, we’ve been thinking about which others heroes and villains we’d like to see arrive in the MCU in the near future. Some are characters we’ve already seen on screen but now want to see interact with the wider Marvel universe, while others have never had a live-action appearance before – for shame. Each one of them would make for a fantastic addition to the ever-growing roster and we’re hopeful that they’ll show up soon enough.

Just one proviso before we begin, though. Only characters that (we think) Marvel have the rights to are eligible for this list. So as much as we might want to see it, those that rest with 20th Century Fox – the X-Men, Deadpool and Fantastic Four – will not be mentioned here.