Marvel Studios reveals official holiday poster

Even though Disney Plus evidently doesn’t agree based on the movie’s omission from the various holiday-themed collections available on the platform, Iron Man 3 was trending all day yesterday as fans revisited the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s premiere festive favorite.

For a long time, Shane Black’s threequel was the closest we’d come to a full-blown Yuletide installment in the world’s biggest and most popular film and television franchise, but Hawkeye has changed all of that. There was holiday cheer dripping out of the screen throughout Clint Barton and Kate Bishop’s New York City adventure, so it’s no surprise that the series serves as the basis for the official Marvel Studios holiday card.

As you can see below, the MCU’s resident expert archer and his beloved canine sidekick are the stars of the show, which plays off the Hawkeye finale’s montage of how the trick arrows were cobbled together.

Many fans will probably be questioning why there’s no sign of Kate Bishop in the card, but at the end of the day, there’s really no reason to nitpick a Christmas card, so why bother? Today is a day for fun, family, merriment, mirth and all the rest, something the MCU thrives on delivering to audiences every day of the year.