Marvel’s Black Panther Gets The How It Should Have Ended Treatment


“Oh, you’re a Panther! This is the lion section…”

The creative minds over at How It Should Have Ended have served up their latest rib-tickling animation, and it’s all about Marvel’s Black Panther.

Opening with a shot of T’Challa visiting his ancestors, the fan-favorite YouTube channel begins by spoofing The Lion King, before dismantling King T’Chaka’s plan to abandon the young, impressionable Erik Stevens in Oakland, where his disdain for Wakanda and its traditional ideologies grows by the day.

And like how all great HISHE videos dedicated to Hollywood’s superhero collection go, the above montage ends with T’Challa sipping on some coffee alongside Superman and the Caped Crusader, who struggles to wrap his head around the fact that somehow – almost inexplicably – Vibranium is the answer to all the world’s problems.

If nothing else, it’s a fun and lighthearted breakdown of Black Panther‘s issues and inconsistencies, even if they don’t necessarily take away from the overall experience. It also arrives on the heels of last week’s Blu-ray release, which comes packing scores of extras and incredible deleted scenes – just don’t hold your breath for an extended cut.

Or so says Marvel producer Nate Moore:

Yeah, Ryan’s directors cut was long. It was interesting even in the scriptwriting process we knew that the piece of material that we shot had some scenes that wouldn’t make it into the final cut just because of the ambition of the story that Ryan wanted to tell. So the four-hour cut was literally everything in the film that was shot assembled in a way that obviously had the bones of the final film but had some additional things, some of which are in the DVD extras that people can explore.

Black Panther is available now across Blu-ray, DVD and all the usual platforms. Now all we need is an HISHE showcase for Avengers: Infinity War