Keanu Reeves And The Matrix 4 Cast Under Fire For Allegedly Throwing A Wrap Party

Keanu Reeves

2020 has been the strangest and most unpredictable year, and somehow it continues to keep throwing curve balls. Just a couple of weeks ago, the beloved Baby Yoda was facing backlash after being labeled a cold-blooded genocidal maniac, and now Keanu Reeves of all people has found himself caught up in some controversy surrounding the end of shooting on The Matrix 4.

Production on the blockbuster sci-fi sequel was halted for months as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, causing it to be delayed by almost an entire year, and after shooting resumed, things appeared to be going off without a hitch. However, allegations are now being made that The Matrix 4 team may have breached COVID-19 health and safety regulations by throwing a wrap party for the cast and crew and disguising their intentions by claiming that they were filming scenes for the movie.

According to a German newspaper, the late night shoot was reportedly concocted as a cover story so that the production could get away with hosting a party for over 200 people, with Keanu Reeves said to be one of the attendees. Health authorities are currently investigating whether or not director Lana Wachowski was filming a party scene for the blockbuster or having a real one for the cast and crew.

While nothing has been confirmed yet, social gatherings in the Berlin and Brandenburg regions of Germany are limited to 50 people at the most, and even then they have to be signed off on. Having already suffered a lengthy hiatus as a result of the pandemic, it would certainly be a strange decision for The Matrix 4‘s team to celebrate the end of production by throwing a huge party that completely ignores all of the health and safety guidance. But for now, we’ll just have to wait and see what kind of results the investigation yields.