The Matrix 4’s Title Has Reportedly Been Revealed


Officially, the fourth installment in The Matrix franchise hasn’t revealed its title, although that hasn’t stopped plenty of speculation from making the rounds about what Neo’s return will end up being called.

A few months ago, there was chatter that it might be known as The Matrix Resurrections, or it would drop the prefix altogether and go by plain old Matrix, but Warner Bros. publicly debunked those reports by making it clear that Lana Wachowski’s solo directorial debut had yet to settle on a locked-in moniker.

However, there are just over six months until the sci-fi blockbuster hits theaters and HBO Max, and the marketing campaign is expected to begin in the not too distant future. Given that the series has always been R-rated, a lot of insiders and analysts are predicting that our first look at some footage could come packaged with The Suicide Squad‘s theatrical rollout, although that’s more based on educated guesswork than facts at this stage.

As you can see below, though, a social media user claims to have witnessed an early screening of the film in an almost-finished state, and it looks as if The Matrix Resurrections could be the title after all.

Of course, this might be a red herring on the studio’s part, when plenty of high profile projects have leaked fake titles in an effort to throw people off the scent, or it may just as easily be a case of the early rumors being right on the money. Whatever the outcome, these sort of screenings typically happen shortly before the first promotional materials arrive, so we should be getting an answer as to whether it’s The Matrix Resurrections or not sooner rather than later.