Matt Damon Still Rumored For Aquaman In Justice League


With the Justice League movie being thrust back into the spotlight thanks to the recent news that Zack Snyder will be directing and that it may hit theatres in 2017, casting rumors are starting to emerge once more. Matt Damon has been rumored for the role of Aquaman for a while now and in a recent report from The Wrap, they revealed that the actor is still being looked at for the part.

Before you get all excited about a potential reunion for Damon and his best bud Ben Affleck though, something tells me that the actor signing on for the role Aquaman isn’t very likely.

It’s important to remember that the character isn’t going to be a huge part of the Justice League film, at least, we don’t think he is. It really looks like the focus is on Batman and Superman here, with the other heroes simply supporting them. To have an A-lister like Damon come on board and not play a lead role would be a little odd. Sure, Aquaman might eventually get his own spin-off somewhere down the line, or an increased role in future films, but as of now, it doesn’t seem like the studio is too hot on him.

Also, Jason Momoa was rumored for the role last week, which seems a lot more plausible. In that report, we heard that Aquaman would have a small role in Batman vs. Superman and that the film would introduce him to audiences so that they’d be familiar with the character once Justice League hit. So again, there doesn’t seem to be a huge focus on Aquaman, which is why having a smaller, yet still recognizable star like Jason Momoa play him would make more sense.

Tell us, who do you think should play Aquaman in Justice League? Sound off below!

Source: The Wrap

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