Matt Damon’s Thor: Love And Thunder Role Revealed


Matt Damon clearly doesn’t have much interest in lending his talents to big budget blockbusters, with the notable exception of his four outings as amnesiac super spy Jason Bourne.

The actor declined 2003’s Daredevil despite being a lifelong fan of the character before his childhood friend Ben Affleck was cast, knocked back the opportunity to play Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight, was approached by J.J. Abrams to cameo as George Kirk in Star Trek before the unknown Chris Hemsworth was given the role, and famously said no to James Cameron when offered the lead and 10% of the profits on Avatar.

That being said, he’s more than happy to drop by for an uncredited cameo, and in 2018 alone he briefly showed up in both Deadpool 2 and Thor: Ragnarok. There’s been plenty of speculation that he’d be back for the latter’s sequel Love and Thunder, and that’s finally been confirmed by a new set photo, which also reveals how he fits into the story, as you can see below.

Of course, it was widely expected that Damon would return as one of New Asgard’s local actors, and now we know the repertory will be putting their own spin on Odin’s death scene from Ragnarok. Luke Hemsworth is also in the above image, which means that Sam Neill is surely going to be involved as well, after he admitted that he’d be more than happy to venture back to the MCU.

Photos made their way online last week that showed an almost identical set being constructed, so now the pressure is on for Taika Waititi to ensure that Thor: Love and Thunder‘s play within a movie delivers the second time around, after it was one of Ragnarok‘s biggest surprises and funniest moments.