Matt Reeves Has Reportedly Amped Up The Spectacle And Action In The Batman


If a recent report from THR is anything to go by, then Matt Reeves’ The Batman may finally begin shooting in November, but until Warner Bros. is ready to make any official announcements, we’ll just have to rely on leaks and rumors to paint a picture of Bruce Wayne’s next solo outing.

We’ve heard previously, for example, that Reeves’ script rewrite for The Batman was due by the end of 2018, and in a new piece from Revenge of the Fans, it’s alleged that the filmmaker’s second draft “has amped up the spectacle.” So while intel from last year suggested that the upcoming flick would be more of a detective story than an outright action flick, perhaps we should adjust our expectations. It’s also said that the screenplay has been likened by multiple sources to Batman: Year One, though this has more to do with its tone and feel than any direct overlap in story.

Lastly, it’s reported that Warner is aiming for a 2021 release date, meaning that the project could be next in the DCEU schedule after Shazam!, Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman 1984.

By all accounts, it sounds like The Batman will serve as a soft reboot for its title character, marking a shift in mood from Ben Affleck’s run in the series while also offering a change in lead. According to the aforementioned THR piece, we’re likely to find out who the new Caped Crusader will be by the end of the year, and if what they say’s true about filming beginning in November, then we’ll presumably get some clarification on those Penguin rumors in the coming months as well. Either way, stay tuned for more updates.