Matt Reeves Rumored To Be Heavily Involved In The Batman’s Casting; DC Contract May Span Multiple Movies


Matt Reeves may direct more than just The Batman for Warner Bros., as a new report claims the director is heavily involved in the film’s casting.

Word of this latest rumor first surfaced via Reddit (hat tip to Screen Geek), so it almost goes without saying that these allegations ought to be treated with heightened caution. Citing sources close to Warner Bros., Reddit user DCLeaks_Throwaway reaffirms reports that WB has now extended an official offer for Reeves to replace Ben Affleck at the helm. Going one step further, and amid chatter that Affleck is on the verge of exiting the project altogether, this new finding claims Reeves’ potential contract will span multiple films in the DC Extended Universe starting with The Batman, a standalone pic wherein he’ll seemingly have a major say in the casting process.

Recruiting an actor to play the Caped Crusader will be of paramount importance, of course, and providing that Ben Affleck really vacates the role as rumors have suggested, Matt Reeves surely has at least one candidate in mind. Indeed, this latest, as-yet-unconfirmed nugget suggests Reeves already has an actor in place to take on the role of The Batman, and were it not for legal red tape – his contract may well span long into 2020, pending DC’s movie slate – some form of announcement would have already been made. Affleck has already signed off on the revised script, and it seems both he and the Powers That Be at Warner Bros. are overly pleased with how the project is starting to shape up, all things considered.

Can Matt Reeves be the one to steer The Batman back on course? Time will tell. For now, Wonder Woman is the next entry in the DC Extended Universe. It’s due to open on June 2nd, before Gal Gadot’s heroine reunites with the World’s Greatest Detective in time for Justice League. The latter is booked in for November 17th.

Source: Screen Geek