Matthew Fox And Ed Harris Leave World War Z

Matthew Fox and Ed Harris were both allegedly involved in World War Z, a film based on Max Brooks’s dystopian future novel describing the past events of a zombie takeover. The film is currently shooting right now, and Brad Pitt is playing the lead.

Whether or not Fox and Harris were truly set to be in the film, we will never know as reports have surfaced today stating that neither are part of the film anymore. The report states that Fox, the Lost star who is most well known for his leading role as Dr. Jack Shepard, had a scheduling conflict with I, Alex Cross.

Why Ed Harris left the film is still up for speculation.

World War Z is an enormously popular novel, and Brad Pitt is obviously America’s superstar. One has to wonder why the film is so seemingly cursed. It also went through a number of production/budget battles before finally getting the green light.

Marc Foster is directing the zombpacolypse film, and his credentials are nothing short of worthy. The Golden Globe nominee has made Monster’s Ball, Finding Neverland, The Kite Runner, and Quantum of Solace. A zombie film does seem slightly out of place for him, but Brad Pitt’s involvement makes it sensical again.

In the novel, the zombie breakout and resultant takeover has already occurred, and Max Brooks tells the shockingly realistic tale of what happened and how to deal with it. The narrator makes various metaphoric remarks to politics that you can be sure will be in the film.

Shooting is underway and the film is expected to hit in 2012.