Matthew McConaughey Says The Dark Tower Is A “Dark Tale Of Christianity”

A leaked trailer may have found its way online last year, but we’ve yet to see anything substantial from The Dark Tower beyond a handful of official images. The fact that the movie has now been pushed back to July (a sign of confidence from Sony considering the fact that’s smack bang in the middle of the blockbuster season) probably explains that, but it doesn’t make the wait for footage any easier.

Fans of the Stephen King novels may think they know what to expect from The Dark Tower, but we’ve heard for a while now that the movie won’t actually be a direct adaptation. Instead, it’s going to serve as a sequel of sorts to the books, and in a new interview, Matthew McConaughey shed some light on how he perceives the battle between Roland Deschain (Idris Elba) and the Man in Black.

“It’s a dark tale of Christianity, it is. The epic, mythical battle of good versus evil. There’s multiple worlds happening, that you can inhabit simultaneously and you will see myself, Walter, and Idris, The Gunslinger, go head to head.”

That’s an interesting comparison, and one which makes sense given the fact that these two characters are fighting for the fate of the universe itself. As fans of the source material will know, The Dark Tower novels are relatively heavy on religious themes, with the Gunslinger sharing some parallels with Jesus and the Man in Black being very similar to the devil.

Expectations for the upcoming and long awaited adaptation are certainly high, and the studio’s got ambitious plans for it, as they’re hoping it’ll launch a series of films as well as a TV series. It’s too soon to say just how everything will ultimately turn out, but with any luck, that first trailer for The Dark Tower will be here sooner rather than later and once it arrives, we can start formulating an opinion on the flick.