MCU Stars Defend Chris Pratt After Twitter Tries To Cancel Him

Star-Lord Guardians Galaxy

There’s a weekly poll that makes the rounds on Twitter in which people are invited to vote on who’s the best Chris: Hemsworth, Pine, Evans or Pratt. They’re all hugely popular actors and the faces of billion dollar movie franchises, but Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt usually comes in last.

Why is he regularly named the worst Chris? Well, judging by the comments, fans are turned off by his attendance at an openly homophobic church, wearing a questionable T-shirt and a slightly tone deaf request for his followers to vote for Onward at the People’s Choice Awards. His position as the worst Chris was generally considered a silly in-joke, but earlier this week, a number of folks on Twitter started calling for his cancelation after he chose to skip out on a virtual fundraiser in support of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (which many MCU stars attended) and now, Hollywood has gotten wind of it and leapt to his defense.

Mark Ruffalo chimed in to say that Pratt is “as a solid a man there is” and “he is just not overtly political as a rule,” Robert Downey Jr. has described him as “a real Christian who lives by principle,” James Gunn called him “the best dude in the world” and Zoe Saldana said that “everyone who’s ever crossed paths with you knows your heart and your worth.”

Of course, this might be seen as by many as another example of cancel culture taking things too far. After all, while you don’t have to agree with everything Chris Pratt says and does, calling for his cancellation seems a bit unreasonable. Thankfully, his MCU co-stars have been coming to his defense and with any luck, this will all die down quite soon, as these things tend to do.

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