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MCU enthusiasts wonder if any upcoming heroes could stand a chance against Scarlet Witch

Could any of the next generation of Avengers defeat Wanda?

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Wanda Maximoff proved herself to be arguably the most powerful player in the whole MCU in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, as the newly christened Scarlet Witch managed to make mincemeat (or rather spaghetti) out of some of the biggest heroes in all of reality. It’s hard to imagine any of the current roster of Earth’s mightiest protectors being able to take her down, then. But could any of those characters on their way to the MCU soon fare any better?

That’s what Marvel enthusiasts have been discussing on the Marvel Studios subreddit, in response to a question posed by Redditor phantom_avenger. “Is there any character that is yet to be introduced that would be powerful enough to take on Wanda?” the fan asked.

The Reddit community put their heads together and came up with a few strong options for characters we’ve yet to meet in the MCU who could potentially wipe out Wanda. An obvious one is Jean Grey. The Dark Phoenix has got to be an even match for the Scarlet Witch, right?

Another fan suggested Franklin Richards, the Omega-level powerful son of Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman. As one commenter pointed out, Franklin even has a reason to come after Wanda.

Silver Surfer, with his portion of the Power Cosmic, could be able to best Wanda and her chaos magic.

Well, she is the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, after all.

If a Secret Wars movie is really coming then the Beyonder is another smart choice.

If fans keep trying to summon him, eventually Mephisto will have to show up in the MCU.

The Living Tribunal, who was just teased in Doctor Strange 2, is another ancient cosmic entity that would make Wanda look like Wasp.

Meanwhile, some fans are more “glass half-full” types and don’t think anyone is capable of smacking down the Scarlet Witch.

While Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness left her fate in question, it seems Marvel lovers are not buying that we’ve seen the last of Elizabeth Olsen’s sorceress in the MCU. But wherever and whenever she turns up next, the Avengers might want to recruit some new guns to back them up.

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