MCU Fans Are Comparing Angelina Jolie To Mark Ruffalo For One Reason

Look out, Mark Ruffalo, it looks like someone is coming for your crown. The Hulk actor is famous in the Marvel fandom for his loose lips when it comes to dropping spoilers in interviews. Tom Holland is another one who’s been guilty of letting slip more than he should in the past. But it looks like a new addition to the MCU is making a name for herself in dishing out Marvel’s secrets to the press. It’s Thena herself, Angelina Jolie, star of the new movie Eternals.

This hilarious TikTok video, as re-shared on the r/marvelstudios subreddit, edits together the various times Jolie has said way too much during the Eternals press circuit. Just like Ruffalo and Holland, the Oscar-winning actress doesn’t seem to have an internal edit button that stops her from blurting out too much about the plot, much to the distress of director Chloe Zhao and her co-stars. Catch a glimpse of Jolie’s antics for yourself below:

To be fair to the star, none of the slip-ups featured in this TikTok are quite as bad as some of Ruffalo’s most notorious moments, but Jolie’s repeated casual mentions of the Eternals battling against Ikaris spoil the movie’s biggest twist. As anyone who has seen the film knows — and if you haven’t seen it, look away now — the reveal that Ikaris is actually working against the rest of the team is saved until late in the game.

There’s another takeaway from Jolie’s spoilery talk, though: she seems awfully confident that a sequel is on its way. To date, Marvel hasn’t said anything about an Eternals 2 happening, though the film’s screenwriters have made it clear that they have ideas for a follow-up. But, by the sounds of it, Jolie believes she’s only just started out her career as Thena. So maybe we can expect her to keep spilling spoilers for a long while yet.

Eternals is playing in theaters now.