MCU Fans Ask Who Could Hela Take In A Fight

Thor: Love and Thunder

Of all the members of Marvel’s rogue’s gallery to choose from for remixing in new and imaginative ways in the Disney Plus series What If…?, it’s surprising that the Goddess of Death herself didn’t make so much as a cameo.

The perplexing absence of Hela from the series isn’t stopping fans from pitting her against the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s biggest heavy hitters in a rhetorical debate on Reddit, however.

The question, posed on the Marvel Studio subreddit, is a fair enough one to ask since the Norse daughter of Odin was strong enough to destroy her brother’s neigh-indestructible hammer Mjollnir in Thor: Ragnarok.

But let’s take a look at the comments section to see just how she stacks up against Marvel’s most powerful, according to the fans.

Ego, the god-like father of Star Lord Peter Quill, is one possible baddie people are pointing to as a possible threat to the goddess.

And although there isn’t a clear winner to this matchup, we’re drawn by the pure insanity of seeing all these alternative-universe versions of these MCU characters on screen at the same time: “What IF ultimate ultron vs zombie thanos vs dark Scarlett witch vs Hella Queen of Asgard vs Howard the duck,” writes user ogkingofnowhere.

Some people were just dying to see more of Helena in general, whether it’s in the movie or TV shows.

The Scarlett Witch as Wanda Maximoff herself was offered as one opponent that could best Hela.

However, user Reydunt offered a pretty solid explanation as to why Doctor Strange might be outmatched by Hela’s flying daggers.

Do you want to see Hela the Goddess of Death make a return to either the MCU or season two of What…If?