MCU fans debate why so many people hate ‘Captain Marvel’

For whatever reason, a certain and very vocal section of Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have never been on board with Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers, and it got so bad that YouTube was forced to change its algorithm in an effort to prevent Captain Marvel being downvoted into oblivion before it was released.

Clark Gregg succinctly labeled the trolls as sad and butthurt, and even though they threatened to derail the marketing campaign via coordinated social media campaigns, they did absolutely nothing to prevent Captain Marvel sailing past a billion dollars at the box office to become one of the MCU’s highest-grossing non-Avengers movies.

Naturally, Reddit user was Martianblazer was curious as to why there’s so much hate for Larson’s Carol Danvers after watching the film for the first time and being suitably impressed by it, but as you’d expect, things started getting pretty heated in the comments shortly afterwards.

Captain Marvel is a million miles away from being top-tier MCU, but it’s a functional if hardly spectacular origin story that does everything it needs to do before the credits roll. Now that the backstory and world-building is out of the way, it’s time for Nia DaCosta’s sequel The Marvels to erase any doubts the naysayers may have by delivering a knockout second outing for the comic book saga’s second most powerful superhero.

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  1. Darkclaw64says:

    I thought Captain Marvel was a Guy & Carol Danvers was Ms Marvel, did they do a gender swap and trash Ms Marvel?!

    1. Comicmansays:

      Captain Marvel has been the name of 7 different people in Marvel comics over the years, two were women with Carol being the latest to bear the name.

    2. Biscuit Tinothysays:

      Marvel’s original Captain Marvel was Mar Cell, a Free spy sent to Earth, who decided to side with Earth instead, and became linked with Rick Jones (the boy who Banner saved from the gamma bomb, causing him to become the Hulk, and then Captain America’s sidekick).
      Carol Danvers became Ms Marvel in those comics. Mar Vell died of cancer.
      Mar Vell was in the movie, but was gender swapped.
      I believe the second (if I haven’t missed one) was Monica Rambeau, who led the Avengers at the time of the original Secret Wars. She is the little girl in the movie, she has light powers, and in the MCU she gained these in Wanda vision.
      Another Captain Marvel was Genus Vell, the posthumous son of Mar Vell, made by Thanos’s sister from hers and Mar Cells DNA.

      Carol, who has had many names in the comics, first reverted to Ms Marvel, and then decided to claim Captain Marvel in honour of her dead close friend.
      Those are the best known ones but there are several others.
      Comics sales wise, hers is the first book to be genuinely successful. Marvel kept trying because if they went too long, the trademark would lapse, allowing DC the claim it for Shazam. Marvel originally started their Captain Marvel book after the trademark lapsed on the original Fawcett series, after DC sued Fawcett claiming the character was a superman copy.
      DC later bought Fawcett’s IP, but as Marvel now held the trademark, the character Captain Marvel (DC) book had to be named Shazam. Later in a DC universe reboot, the character was renamed Shazam to reduce confusion.

    3. That Guysays:

      2 options here: 1 is that you are about 40 years behind in Marvel history. Captain Mar-vell (the guy) died in the 80s and there have been 6 other people (2 of them women) who have used the name since then. Number 2 is that you are confusing Shazam with Marvel’s Captain Marvel. Either way you need to c
      atch up

  2. Tchortsays:

    They don’t hate Captain Marvel; they hate the humorless, self-righteous shrew who played Captain Marvel.

    1. JZsays:

      Waaaa waaaa waaaaa
      She was awesome

      1. DJCJsays:

        I have no reason to dislike BL, but something was def missing from her performance. And it wasn’t if she’s a female because you didn’t hear the same coming for scarjo. Maybe it was the script, maybe it was BL’s x interpretation. We shall see with the see-quel!

      2. Wesley Gibsonsays:


        We didn’t see Scarlet Johannson getting the same hate…while she was still just a supporting character popping up in male-led movies.

        After the Black Widow solo movie was announced? A flood of hate coming from the usual suspects, including accusations that the producer as well as Johannson herself were pushing a “woke” agenda with the film.

      3. Truthsays:

        Strong women scare Tchort.

      4. CWsays:

        She was dreadful, wooden & devoid of personality. Also sounded like she was reading lines when it’s supposed to sound natural

      5. Dezsays:

        I thought the film was okay, wish it was done better. But I think Brie Larson did an excellent job portraying the character. The fanboy backlash is petty.

      6. Lemac747says:


    2. Son_Of_Dadsays:

      Gee, and here I thought it WAS NOT a comedy. If you want to kee Kee and giggle, then go so a COMEDY. This is an origin story about dangerous people who can crack the moon in half. Noting funny nor cute about that, Incel.

      1. cloudfacesays:

        😧 any semblance of righteous indignation got lost in your gibberish syntax. Try reading what you type before you post occasionally.
        Calling everyone who doesn’t like something that somehow has a female artist related an “incel” makes you sound like a simple minded tiresome SJW stereotype but I’m sure that doesn’t faze you.

      2. Wesley Gibsonsays:


        Incredibly disingenuous and weaselly of you clownface. Captain Marvel is not simply “somthing that somehow has a female artist”. It was the target of a well-documented and pervasive politically motivated hate campaign where right wingers were posting literally hundreds of Youtube videos about how the movie was woke trash and Brie Larson was an anti-male bigot before the movie even came out.

        Tchort didn’t simply express dissatsifaction with the film. He was attacking Brie Larson as a person calling her a “self righteous shrew” which has been a favorite tactic of the right wing political actors (which I have to assume you’re one of) who have targeted Captain Marvel for political reasons.

    3. Hemingwaysays:


    4. Bluesays:

      What exactly do you have against Brie Larson? did you see her in the “Percy Jackson movies” I think that she’s a good actress who has range of characters whom she portrays and if you don’t like her- then that’s your problem, you can’t believe everything that you read in the tabloids or see on the internet, plus, what has she done to you to get you to call her names? they say that “opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one” I guess that they were right.

      1. Beanssays:

        She’s not in the Percy Jackson movies 😂

    5. Dudesays:

      Amen !!!

    6. Christian Chandiasays:

      The thing is Chris Evans is just as Self Righteous and Woke as Brie Larson is
      But it doesn’t seem to bother you guys any of course. I would say sexism is at play but I don’t want to make you guys scream.

      Ya know?

    7. Christian Chandiasays:

      The thing is Chris Evans is just as Self Righteous and Woke as Brie Larson is
      But it doesn’t seem to bother you guys any of course. I would say sexism is at play but I don’t want to make you guys scream.

      Ya know?

    8. Jojosays:

      Yup. I love Capt Marvel, but I don’t like brie larson. That’s all.

  3. AntmanPoolsays:

    Captain marvel is the strongest. With a fire origin. Brie Larson did A damn good job like the other marvel characters. This article talking about million Miles away but she the one that really stopped Thanos. Should be mad at Mark ruffalo for bitching out hulk 😅

    1. Biscuit Tinothysays:

      I assumed when they said second most powerful, Doctor Strange would be the one they were saying was more so.

  4. Ribsays:

    Most of the people I know that haven’t seen this movie and dragged their feet to see black widow are men. Alot of my guy friends can’t wrap their head around the fact that a woman can be strong also. They are stuck in their men have to save a woman mindset.

    1. Son_Of_Dadsays:

      That’s what I really books down to, White males largely not wanting to see a movie about a woman, same way they don’t like to see Black leads. He we (Black people and women) have had to endure decades of White Savior idolism in the form of Clark Kent, Steve Rogers, Buck Rogers, Hulk, Spiderman (over and over), Snake Plitskin, Dekkard, Paul Atreides, Luke, Han, Batman, etc etc etc…on end, and they cannot sit still and shit up for an occasional female lead film.

      1. Son_Of_Dadsays:

        BOILS DOWN TO* smh

      2. Whiteysays:

        Or maybe she just isn’t that great. Maniac. Hate to tell you this. But white males aren’t the problem.

      3. Goldwinsays:

        Lame racist ^^

      4. Tootruresays:

        You are obviously stuck on racist. White this and white that. Invent the most powerful ethnic or female being imaginable if you want to. Just invent something instead of reimagining ( code for ripping off) every character and storyline instead of locating the talent and putting in the work.

      5. Truthsays:

        They are driven by the fear of inadequacy. Just look at the comments after yours. Weakness is their normal waking state.

      6. Lemac747says:

        You hit the nail on the head 🤣🤣🤣

    2. Christian Chandiasays:

      You make a great Point. But a lot of the guys who complain about female characters don’t understand how it makes them look, lovin’ a Male superhero with 6 pack abs and biceps wearing tight clothes

      1. Ozonesays:

        Lol exactly

    3. Theman23says:

      Please, women need to realize that they will NEVER be as strong or dominant as men. It’s not sexist, it’s just a genetic fact. Women are good at a lot of things, but when it comes to physicality, strength, perseverance and intelligence, men rule the roost. Sorry if this offends you but get over it.

      1. Mellosays:

        You’re a delusional misogynist. Women are easily as intelligent if not more so. You can’t handle the truth about your own delusional narcissism.

  5. Big Dsays:

    I don’t understand why people aren’t liking Captain Marvel Brie Larson did a wonderful job.Please don’t change actress with someone else

    1. Son_Of_Dadsays:

      They’re not going to, but Marvel/Disney (as usual) always cave to racists, Incels and the Alphabet Mafia. Watch them cave to pressure to cast flamboyant and annoying Lil Nas X as Miles Morales, look how they (more so Disney) caved and muted Rose Rico due to racists trolling Kelly Marie Tran, and even in the case of Brie Larson, they’ve placed Ms Marvel and Spectrum in as “Marvels” to silence the Woke crowd that cannot watch a movie without forced and contrived diversity.

      1. Bluesays:

        I’m sorry, but I can’t picture “Lil Max X” as Miles Morales, it just won’t work, there’s so many others out there who can fill that slot, also- I believe you when you said that Disney will cave in to certain things, they’ve been stopping Marvel from making the movies that would bring in the big paydays for both of them, I’m hoping that they actually do “Secret Wars” and let us see the rest of Marvel’s universe,I knew Stan Lee, and he had a few secrets that they haven’t shown yet, believe me- you’ll love the action if they ever get to show it.

      2. Helensays:

        Disney doesn’t cave in or we wouldn’t have that no talent actress on aquaman

      3. Christian Chandiasays:

        I’d be behind your statement if you guys didn’t cry EVERYTIME a Gay, character, black Character or Latino character was created for tv or in comics. That’s the issue.

        You know nothing about History. Like at all. You men have looked down Upon Females and Gays since the dawn of time. In every religion it’s all there in black and White.

        The interesting thing is mostly the guys complaining are the in the closet types hiding from the World (and wives) their True nature/sexuality.

        So stop with your hypocrisy. You want einen and Gays to pay taxes but no representation? Sorry that’s not how that goes and Gays and women go to movies just like everyone else. Our dollars pay for the films.

    2. Truthsays:

      Hey Helen, yeah right, we defer to your expertise on all things without talent. You seem to be an expert.

  6. Kevy Novasays:

    This is the one Marvel movie that I didn’t love. I have no issue with BL because I don’t know anything about her and I never read the comics so I don’t care how true the movie is to those. My beef is with the terrible writing. First off, WHY is she called Captain Marvel when she is never called that in the movie? In fact, it’s a totally different character with that name! Second, they made her SO overpowered and invincible that there’s no tension in her conflicts. Boring! Third, the scenes with Fury and Caulson were fun but totally do not jive with the rest of the MCU. One example is that EVERYONE calls Fury “Nick” in the other movies and he doesn’t even blink.

    1. The mansays:

      I think you’re confused

      1. Truthsays:

        24 hours a day. 7 days a week he is.

    2. Bluesays:

      I can see that you never followed comics, she was named “Captain Marvel” from the comics,as far as her being the “most powerful” did you ever read the comics and see just how powerful the characters are? do you think that Thanos could beat the “Silver Surfer” ? even the fantastic four had enemies that got the best of them, that’s where the brains come into play, it’s not all about physical strength, and you should read more back issues of comics then you’ll get a understanding of what is happening.

      1. Truthsays:

        Please don’t feed the animals.

    3. Truthsays:

      Let’s make things up to weakly explain why I feel so bad about myself.

  7. The mansays:

    Because she’s a man hater

    1. Truthsays:

      Spoken not the man.

    2. Christian Chandiasays:

      She’s not a man hater. Stop being such a Nancy Boy.

    3. Wesley Gibsonsays:

      The entire body of “evidence” for Brie being a man hating bigot is a single out-of-context quote where Brie says she doesn’t want to hear what male critics think about a particular movie because it was targeted and marketed to a female audience.

      This is literally right wing cancel culture where conservatives are trying to destroy Brie Larson’s career because she’s a feminist and they disagree with her political views.

  8. Ks86says:

    Easy, Brie came out and told a certain people group they weren’t allowed to ask questions at her presser. The group she singled out in discriminatory fashion is the bulk of the fanbase. You cannot slap someone across the face (metaphorically) and then say, “Gee, I wonder why they don’t like me, they must be bigots.” That is gaslighting.

    1. Truthsays:

      Or truth.
      Happy now!
      Remind me how much money it made?

    2. Christian Chandiasays:

      What she was saying that there’s more white males being critics of a movie aimed towards a diverse film. And she said that she’s not a white male hater she was saying they should be more open slots for people of color to critique a film at the press junket.

      Imagine making a movie that’s completely African-American and then having nothing but white critics critiquing the film. Does that make sense to you?

      1. How is Captain Marvel a diverse film? White women make up both the majority of the population in the USA plus the majority of women in the USA. Fury is the same person that he has been in every other Marvel movie, so you can’t claim that he’s one of the reasons why suddenly other demographics of people should ask questions instead of White men, and her line of thinking makes it as if every person of every demographic that works at each company is allowed to go out to do these interview questions, it’s an incredibly lazy way of thinking

      2. Theman23says:

        BL is a cunt. Case closed.

  9. Deesays:

    I can’t stand the way they SUPER OVER POWDERED her, the the comics she’s nowhere near that power level. Not top 10 strongest Avenger… Would be killed by Thanos with any stones. Nerf Hulk, Thor, and Vision. Crazy!

    1. Truthsays:

      You have to defer to women and it chaps you.

    2. Christian Chandiasays:

      She’s overpowered in the comic books as well she is binary.

      It’s obviously plain to see that you don’t read Captain Marvel comic books. She has a psychic ability to sense danger in the universe when she was fighting Thanos one of her power sets is to absorb power she was absorbing the stones power which is why Thanos butted her she didn’t flinch when Thanos caught on when she was doing he removed the Stone from the glove and hit her with it.

      All those powers are in her comic book stop being disingenuous.

  10. nada00says:

    maybe because carol danvers is a mary sue who can combat everything and everyone despite being an amnesiac heroine who faces no challenges to obtain her “amazing” abilities. then add in some unreasonable cockiness and rudeness; it makes her unlikeable. don’t forget, she lost her memories through all this, yet she was still able to destroy everything in her path. the typical “tough” female character with no charms. don’t get me wrong; the movie was fun. the mc wasn’t

    1. Jiggysays:

      Thank you. Someone with a brain in this libtard comment section. “Oh you dont like Captain Marvel and Bri Larson? You must be a white male mysogynist”. There is a reason why Wonderwoman 2017 was a great movie and its because it represented the potryal of an actual hero doing “heroic things”. All she cared about was protecting others without any regard for her own well being because its the right thing to do showing true selflessness. She just happened to be a hero who is female unlike bri larson and Captain Marvel who has to remind you how powerful and better she is because she is female and shove it down your throat.

      1. Truthsays:

        You calling someone a libtard does not make your kind stronger. Just the same, weak.

      2. Lemac747says:

        Which movie made more money?

      3. Dalesays:

        Because Tony stark never did ny of that.

    2. Truthsays:

      Gee, it’s as if no one wanted to go to your prom with you.

    3. john constantinesays:

      hick incel gonna incel

    4. Christian Chandiasays:

      Or maybe you’re just a male constant complainer complaining about everything in regards to female characters.

      Ever thought about that?

  11. Dash Riprocksays:

    The reason for the hatred is the same reason they hated Thor in the comics…arrogance

  12. Captain Marvel Fansays:

    I love Brie Larson and I absolutely loved her as Captain Marvel!

  13. Eyerishsays:

    Capt. Marvel is a character from DC.
    Shazam is the magic word he uses to become Capt. Marvel.
    Even before Superman
    Why Marvel gets away with this i do not know.
    I do not dislike Larsen or the production.
    I just consider it part of Marvel comics plagiarism and outright theft.
    Just like Marvel’s theft of Don Pendleton’s
    Mack Bolan the Executioner and calling him.
    The Punisher.

    1. Christian Chandiasays:

      Oh my God you comic book people claim to know about comic history and you know nothing

      DC Comics was not the first to have Captain Marvel it was Fawcett comics

      DC comic books got upset with faucet Comics because the character of Shazam was outselling Superman and Batman comics.

      So DC Comics became so petty that they sued force of comics for libel and copyright.

      DC comic books won in court. They let over decade go by when they decided to use the character of Shazam in comic books

      By that time Marvel comic books created the character Captain Marvel the male version. So DC comic books was not allowed to use Captain Marvel on the comic book cover because Marvel owned the right to it

      See how that works DC comic books became Petty

  14. Marvel Junkiesays:

    Captain Marvel WAS fine as a movie. Brie Larson on the other hand comes off as cold and bitter in all her dialog. Which takes away from all the fun and banter that everyone else on set seemed to be having. It’s like saying here’s a 5 course meal but the main dish is covered in a bag salt and lemons.

  15. Robbsays:

    Why is it that everyone who attempts to defend Brie Larson’s shitty casting and acting does so by blaming everyone who complains about it for being sexist? Sexism has jack shit to do with it. I love Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, she’s honestly DCUs only saving grace IMHO. I love Scar Jo as Black Widow, and I even liked her performance in the BW movie, it was the only saving grace in a film that fucked itself with crap writing and destroying fan favorites like Taskmaster. I love Florence Pugh in that movie as well, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything else she’s been in and I absolutely loved her acting in BW. But Brie Larson is a trash actress. She has one facial expression and it looks like it’s stuck on sarcastic. She’s not funny, she nots entertaining, she doesn’t make me want to come back for more. She’s lifeless. It’s like watching a robot pretend to be a human pretending to be an actor. There’s nothing sexist about critiquing her performance. I honestly know nothing about her as a person outside of being a bad actress, and I could care less. She might be an awesome wonderful person for all I know, but she can’t act worth a shit and that’s just facts.

    1. Alexsays:

      🙌🙌🙌 Well said

      1. Christian Chandiasays:

        That’s because Brie Larson isn’t a s***** actress why don’t you blame the writers and directing I saw her in a movie titled the room and she was really good in that film

        Halle Berry is a good actress but she was crappy and Catwoman

        Get your nose out of your behind

    2. Christian Chandiasays:

      I’m not sure because Brie Larson had some cool scenes with Samuel l Jackson

      I’m not saying that the movie was great but it wasn’t horrible I leave that title to Thor dark World

    3. Wesley Gibsonsays:

      “Sexism has jack shit to do with it”

      They were literally circulating a meme about how Brie Larson’s ass is “too flat”. You right wing clowns are SO BAD at lying.

  16. Mr. McCrackensays:

    Only lonely Incels who live on the internet have a problem with Captain Marvel (Bree Latson).

    1. Opesays:

      Imagine, having criticisms or opinions makes you incapable of love

  17. Laughing at incelssays:

    And the answer is: incels

  18. EddieBroccolisays:

    Ya’ll expressing your own opinions. People can have their own preferences, to like or not to like. Just because a person hates pineapple on their pizza, doesn’t mean farmers won’t plant pineapples anymore. So, why bother?

    1. Sayit Likeitissays:

      Giant thread of responses, less then 10% of them understand this basic fact. Some people don’t like her acting, some don’t… who tf uses racism or sexism to prove their side is right? How brainless do you have to be to accuse someone of being racist or sexist…. using a racist or sexist comment. Wow, its Ghostbusters all over again. Shamefull.

      1. Wesley Gibsonsays:

        You’re being dishonest as hell right now. If you don’t the movie, that’s fine.

        But pretending that the movie wasn’t massively politicized by right wing antifeminists, many of whom made sexist comments about Brie Larson just makes you look like a weaselly asshat.

    2. Sayit likeitissays:

      *some like it, some don’t…. yea yea, i must have messed that up because I’m racist or something right? Would be as intelligent as most of these comments anyways.

    3. Wesley Gibsonsays:

      The problem is when people say pineapples are anti-male bigots and that anyone who speaks highly of pineapples are woke Communists pushing an anti-white male agenda.

  19. Ktksays:

    Captain Marvel sucked because she had no range as a character. She was a Marie Sue. She had no goals outside of regaining her memories, no flaws and no challenges to overcome. Her character had the range of a cardboard box. No complexity, no diversity, absolutely nothing. Plus they dumbed down Fury just to make her look good. Look at how Fury is in the other movies compared to this. In the end she became more powerful because she simply believed in herself. Like seriously?

    1. Wesley Gibsonsays:

      “She was a Marie Sue.”

      You guys make if VERY easy to spot you. LOL.

  20. CaptMarvelWasJustOKsays:

    Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel performance was mediocre and it was a mediocre film.
    The most poignant and emotion-inspiring moment was the montage of Carol Danvers getting knocked down and getting up again and again while dramatic music played. I really liked that, the sort of gritty determination of the character. Outside of that, it was a struggle to find compelling Carol Danvers moments. Here you have an iconic character with no iconic scenes. It was a bit like a slog through material that had to be covered. If you’re a fan of this film, tell me which scenes I should rewatch.

    I don’t know if Brie Larson is to blame or the script or the director. It just didn’t resonate. And I don’t care about her politics or whatever. She’s just no Sigourney Weaver on the silver screen. And I make that comparison because Ellen Ripley is a strong female lead in a wining franchise.

    Stoic characters don’t resonate, and maybe that’s just who Carol Danvers is, but directors and performers have some latitude in their jobs. They could have done more with the character. Imagine a female lead getting the quick wit and depth of character they have given to Ironman. Maybe Marvel should be blamed for choosing a poor character to try to make their signature female hero.

    1. Bobsays:

      Ellen Ripley was and is my favourite character in any work of fiction still relevant after 40 years

  21. pxnsolidsays:

    I love how anyone here that didn’t like the movie or doesn’t like the acting, is automatically white incels. I don’t like Brie Larson. I think she’s a terrible actor. Yes, that’s my personal opinion, which is worth no more or less than anyone else’s, agree or disagree, it’s a matter of taste. I take no issue with the character, I think her being a kick-ass strong superhero is just fine. In the end, I love what the film did for my daughters. They love seeing a strong female, and I’m a-ok with that. I bet it wouldn’t have done as well otherwise. Take away the female lead, and you had a meh movie. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great either.

    1. poopshitter247says:

      so, wait, the only main issue you have is the fact she’sa bad actor? i haven’t thought that personally but at least i’m finally seeing some kind of reason as to why people don’t like this, as most the time i just hear “it was just bad” with no help to my understanding of its hate. and to be perfectly honest i find it hard to see her as a strong independent female with strong independant powers, i just thought she was cool as hell. i just think people get way too hung up on the idea of it being a feminist piece that they make that the film’s identity and ergo makes that their opinion on said film and i think that’s stupid.

  22. poopshitter247says:

    WHAT THE FUCK this article still does fuck all to say why it was bad, they just basically sum it up to “it just is” if you’re looking for the answer. this kind of explanation i get constantly when looking into criticism of this film has only led me to think that the hate has stemmed from false thoughts that this was an empowerment and feminist propaganda post, which is just complete horse shit considering the fact she’s female plays an almost insignificant part in the actual story and has no hints of “she don’t need no man” type shit in it. is that the issue? because she’s a woman she needs to be shown with the problems a woman superhero would face? see this is what i mean my mind keeps going back to the whole sjw idea, please someone tell me i’m going fucking mad here. ok thaaaaaanks.

  23. Inkedzombiesays:

    Again click bate! Thanks for wasting my time

  24. Inkedzombiesays:

    Click bate time wasted nothing learned

  25. Ozonesays:

    I agree with the above text saying butthurt so.eone always has to complain about something everyone is offended over the dumbest crap. Suck it up buttercup get over it. Great film loved the movie and the characters.

  26. JBsays:

    I think captain Marvel was a very good movie I enjoyed it and was looking forward to the next one but now they have eliminated her oh oh well I guess that’s the way Disney does things

  27. Petersays:

    Brie Larson does a good job with the character.
    The problem is stupid Disney made her to powerful, way to powerful. There are many characters stronger than her in the comics but in the movies they made her almost unstoppable.
    To me that is very boring and stupid. Seems like nothing can stop her and it makes her character boring.

  28. Casual Movie Watchersays:

    I just never wanted to watch it because I don’t know who Captain Marvel is. seems like a boring “superman” type character.
    But I still haven’t watched most of the marvel movie, just Iron Man, the first Captain America, and the Avengers movies so I’m not the best person to comment 😂

  29. Flashsays:

    IMHO, The Brie personality issues seem to be poisoning the Captain Marvel meme, which is too bad. Captain Marvel has been my favorite Marvel character since, forever. When Captain Marvel has gotten more than $ billion, she can hardly be described, legitimately, as “Marvel’s most hated character, I see a media hit-job here. Yes, I understand there have been some Briec”personality issues”. All I can say is:”Work it out”.

  30. Coach Morrissays:

    The character is too overpowered to be believable. The human body couldn’t take that kind of power. So, saying that she’s stronger than the Hulk, and Thor, and faster than Quick Sliver makes her hateable.

  31. Tshawkeyesays:

    Blaming the hate on white conservatives rather than the failings of the acting is ridiculoud, Larson was terrible! Combined with a weak story should be all the answer you need.
    As for Brie Larson she did herself no favors with the trash that came out of her mouth. Watching interviews with her and other Avengers cast members is cringe because there is zero chemistry and she came off arrogant and entirely unlikable. I think it’s just easier to blame “toxic men” than deal with the failings with the movie.

  32. That Guysays:

    CM gets hate because the incels and conservatives got mad about a misquoted answer she gave to reporters about movie critcs.

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