MCU Fans Defend Brie Larson After Accusations Of Jealousy Over WandaVision

Brie Larson

For whatever reason, Brie Larson has unfortunately become the focal point of a lot of hate online from so-called Marvel fans that are infuriated with her portrayal of Carol Danvers in the MCU. With Captain Marvel standing as one of the studio’s biggest ever movies, earning over $1 billion at the box office, clearly the vast majority of folks love her in the role, but her haters somehow didn’t get that memo.

As you’ll probably be aware, then, stories frequently swirl online accusing Larson of this and that. The latest comes from entertainment site DKODING which alleges that the Avengers: Endgame actress is “jealous” over the success of WandaVision and, in particular, holds resentment for Teyonah Parris (who plays Monica Rambeau), who’ll co-star with Larson in Captain Marvel 2. The article doesn’t go into much detail about the actress’ supposed jealous attitude, though, and it seems that most Marvel fans have decided not to believe the claims.

Her supporters have instead hit back against the accusations and have leapt to the defense of the Oscar-winning star, as you can see below.

It’s fair to say that it doesn’t really hold a lot of merit that Larson would resent other corners of the MCU being successful. Even assuming for the moment that this fit her personality, the Marvel universe is so expansive that a popular TV show won’t affect her own Captain Marvel projects in any way. What’s more, it’s hard to believe that she would be bugged about Parris getting a profile boost through WandaVision. Especially as previous reports have said that Larson’s been pushing for more female heroes in the MCU. In fact, it’s much more likely that she’s thrilled for her Captain Marvel 2 colleague.

There’s a chance that Brie Larson may turn up in a Disney Plus TV show herself as well, the upcoming Ms. Marvel. Otherwise, she’ll return as Carol in Captain Marvel 2, releasing November 2022.