MCU Fans Aren’t Happy About The Blade Reboot Being PG-13


When Kevin Feige first confirmed that Deadpool 3 would be retaining the R-rated nature of its predecessors despite being a canonical part of the staunchly PG-13 Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans instantly began crossing their fingers in the hopes that the upcoming Blade reboot would be subject to the same treatment.

After all, trying to name more than a handful of great PG-13 vampire movies is a tough task, and the Daywalker definitely functions much better when he’s let off the leash. However, Feige’s latest comments have dampened the enthusiasm somewhat for Mahershala Ali’s impending debut as Blade, after Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer confirmed that there are no plans for any R-rated MCU blockbusters outside of the Deadpool franchise.

Naturally, people took to social media and voiced their disappointment at the news, lamenting the fact that Ali’s Blade has already been hampered by a rating that drastically restricts the amount of blood, guts and gore we’re going to see in the reboot.

The more we hear about Feige’s approach to rating his franchise’s output, the more it feels as though the decision to make Deadpool 3 came from those above him in the Disney hierarchy. Of course, Ryan Reynolds is a huge star and the first two installments combined to earn over $1.5 billion at the box office, so it wasn’t as though the Mouse House would leave such a lucrative property gathering dust following the Fox takeover.

However, the R-rating is as much to appease the fans as anything, because the Merc with a Mouth would essentially be neutered by a PG-13. That being said, it’ll at least force the team behind Blade to get as creative as possible when it comes to crafting an action-packed vampiric blockbuster that can’t go all-in on the concept.