MCU Fans Hoping That Blade Is R-Rated After Deadpool 3 News


After well over a year of rumors and speculation, Kevin Feige finally confirmed that not only will Deadpool 3 retain the R-rating of the first two installments, but the Merc with a Mouth’s next solo outing will be an official part of Marvel Cinematic Universe canon. Not only does this signal a shift into more mature territory for the family-friendly franchise, but it’s also raised expectations that the Blade reboot could follow suit.

After all, a vampire hunter who kills his enemies in highly inventive fashion with an array of unique weapons doesn’t seem particularly well-suited to a PG-13 environment, and skewing older in terms of audience would give Mahershala Ali more freedom to throw off the shackles and try and put his own spin on the character. Obviously, to a lot of people, Wesley Snipes will always be Blade, and that includes the man himself, and the idea of a horror-influenced supernatural comic book adaptation would inevitably be hindered by stuffing itself into a PG-13 box.

Fans are clearly in agreement, and they quickly took to social media in the hopes that Blade would follow the brand new MCU precedent for R-rated content set by Deadpool 3, as you can see from the reactions below.

Feige recently promised that some major news surrounding the project is coming soon, and as well as the hopeful confirmation of such things as writers, a director, a supporting cast, a start for production and a locked in release date, Deadpool 3 has made it look a lot more likely that R-rated MCU movies could become a regular feature of the franchise’s output, and there are few better qualified candidates than Blade.