MCU Fans Refuse To Believe Latest No Way Home Trailer Rumors

We all know how desperate fans are to see a new trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home at this point. Fans have taken to mass disliking videos on YouTubein protest even. Still, it looks like no matter how much fans want a bit more knowledge on what is to come at No Way Home, everyone is currently coming together to bash on the source of a new rumor surrounding it.

According to Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph, who’s well known for posting leaks of rumors about movies online, the reason we haven’t seen a new trailer for the film is due to the VFX team being too swamped with work to potentially even finish No Way Home on time, let alone a trailer.

Quickly, many fans came out to roll their eyes at the rumor, especially given the source it came from.

Several pointed out how they didn’t even think VFX teams wouldn’t even be involved in trailer creation.

Besides, it’s not like Randolph hasn’t been wrong before…

Despite people not believing the rumors, discussion behind Randolf’s new statement caused her name to trend on Twitter which is likely to result in her latest videos getting even more clicks than the norm. Her YouTube channel currently has 936K subscribers and her latest video about No Way Home already has over 81k views.

What do you think about this latest rumor about Spider-Man: No Way Home? Will it make it to theaters on time? When will we finally get another trailer? Tell us in the comments!