MCU fans rejoice as ‘Eternals’ debuts on Disney Plus

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Eternals arrived to a bunch of bad reviews but wasn’t a flop, ending up grossing a respectable $400 million at the global box office. Perhaps that shouldn’t come as a surprise: it’s long, slow-paced, and much more philosophical than your average popcorn-munching superhero smash, which to be fair is exactly what Marvel Studios promised.

Today, the movie is available to stream for all Disney Plus subscribers, and I suspect it’ll get a bit of a critical reappraisal now that audiences can watch it at home at their leisure.

Hardcore MCU fans are certainly pleased, judging by the response on social media. Here’s a selection:

Like several other Disney Plus releases, Eternals is available on both regular widescreen and IMAX enhanced editions, with the latter showing the full-frame IMAX shot in scenes shot with the camera. Sadly (at least in my region) there are no deleted scenes or extras beyond the trailer, but fortunately, the physical release isn’t too far away.

The 4K Blu-ray will land on February 15 and boasts several deleted scenes, an audio commentary by Zhao and visual effects leads Stephane Ceretti and Mårten Larsson, behind-the-scenes documentary Immortalized, new interviews with the cast from the globe-spanning set, and a blooper reel.

If you’re revisiting Eternals or checking it out for the first time let us know if you think it’s been underrated by critics in the comments below.

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